Demo Day 2016, organized by Startups Club, is a pan-India hunt for quality startups across the length and breadth of the country. Demo Day hacks the process of meeting with investors one on one, helping Startups pitch ideas directly to a vibrant and dynamic community comprising Startup entrepreneurs, Mentors, Business Leaders and Investors, to get ideas validated, and secure funding to boost Startups. “With 250+ Applications, 100+ Quarter Finalists, 10 Semi Finalists from 10 major cities across the country and with 60+ investors /panel members involved in scrutinizing the startups to consider for ‎Investments, Validation, Seed Money, Acceleration and Incubation, the event visitors get to network with some of the most innovative thought leaders of the ecosystem and industry veterans,” says Salma Moosa, Community Organizer at Startups Club & Chairperson, VS Prudence Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

As eco-partners of Startups Club&Demo Day 2016, Team ‘By The Startups’ will be covering the updates throughout all rounds of the event. Join the first round of Demo Day at Bengaluru this January as we bring out its first set of 10 Quarter Finalists from the region as they pitch to the panel at Demo Day.

10 Quarter Finalists Startups for Startups Club Demo Day 2016, Bangalore

1. HomeFixforsure: Home fixforsure is a one-stop platform for all home repairs and construction needs, however big or small, with customers and technicians connected seamlessly to their web and mobile app platforms. With an orchestrated pricing model satisfactory to both customers and service professionals, this Bengaluru based Startup, founded in 2015, as of now, is region bound. With a vision to bring professionalism into the unorganized home services sector, it is all set to expand its base by entering Tier 1 cities soon.“With house maintenance an ongoing affair and dearth of professional and experienced techniciansat the required time making things a nightmare,we strive hard to fix things up with easy online scheduling, transparent pricing strategy, no hidden labour charges and highly skilled and verified professionals,” says Mamatha, founder of HomeFixforsure. Website

2. Appaie: “Want to develop an app within a day without any technical skills?”asks Saravana, Founder of Appaie (APP Artificial Intelligence Engine)&Jamhub Software. This is the Startup’s mantra and rightly, its core of existence. Established in 2014 by Arun Raj Kumar & Saravana Kumaran, Appaie is a platform to develop mobile apps in a day.  The Appaie developer SKD helps develop complex functionalities at roughly20% of the time and money compared to the current development model. Having completed 50+ mobile apps, the clientele of Appaie is diverse, but the focus has been pretty much high on M-commerce sector including Retail, Restaurant and Fashion.“The time involved to develop a Native app typically falls between 2 to 12 months and the cost involved between INR 60K to INR 2000 K; we have brought down the development cost drastically and the development time to one day,” says Saravana.Website

3. Syncremedies: Founded in 2014 by Dr.Arjun Rao and Dr. Archana Naidu-Komand​ur​, Syncremedies is an online integrated medicine consultation service platform housing Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatment to improve health and wellness.“There are no structured resources to evaluate the ‘best’ medical option for improving wellness or treating diseases. Also, there is a lack of collaboration and communication between doctors from different forms of medicine; we try to address these issues with our integrated, consensus driven and customized treatment or wellness plan. A unique online video consultation service facilitates the collaboration so as to provide the right recommendation for patients,” says Dr. Arjun. Syncremedies expects to have significant presence in Metros and Tier 1 cities in India, along with an appreciable presence in the international market, especially in the Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.With an offline and online integrated medicine service to patients, it has set its eyes towards taking Integrated Medicine to a new height in the years to come.Website

4. FindSpace: Founded in 2015 by long-time friends Kiran Kumar Mandhadi and Krishna Kumar Madhariwar in Bangalore, FindSpace purges the need for short term commercial rental marketplace in India. “FindSpace is the country’s first Pop-Up Retail marketplace to look, discover and book short term Commercial Space – right from the web or your phone. It has become the ‘AirBNB’ for short-term commercial space rental by allowing businesses and brands to rent commercial spaces”, says Kiran, founder of FindSpace. It offers seamless transaction between both owners and tenant, by providing a platform for tenants to rent the verified spaces and owners, a problem free and time saving rental process. FindSpace, as of now, is providing Retail Space, Shared space, Kiosk space, Mall space, Event space and Advertising space for a number of users across the country, besides plans to provide Office space and expand the areas of services.“We want to be one of the pioneers in the Indian Commercial Real Estate Market providing and facilitating at least a million users by 2020,” adds Kiran.Website

5. ShopAdSpace: Established in 2015 by Prateek Tandon, aggregates non-conventional Hyperlocal Advertising options for brands to plan, strategize and execute marketing campaigns in specific areas of a city. Nominated among ‘Top 30 Startups of 2015’ by TiE, ShopAdSpaceboasts itself as the ‘Uber of Hyperlocal Outdoor Advertising’. “ShopAdSpace helps easily create an additional revenue stream for offline businesses through cross-advertising, besides media planning, strategizing and executing low-cost and high reach targeted offline advertising in specific areas of a city,” says Prateek. Its USP lies in the logical aggregation of offline advertising options into monthly packages. Besides, several modes of advertising – hitherto untouched – are available on platform.It plans to bring in a minimum of 1000 offline businesses to rent their Ad Spaces on its platform and eyes on expansion to all T1 & T2 cities by 2020. “By far this is the only platform for offline businesses to rent out its space for advertising,” adds Prateek.  Website

6. Tellofy: Incepted in 2015by Saurabh Majumdar, a Serial Entrepreneur, Tellofy is his third venture. Tellofy is an independent discovery, ratings and review platform that captures consumers’ experiences in text, audio and video formats, therefore, providing complete life cycle management of reviews from generating, managing and leveraging across three touch points of consumers: App, Business POS and Web. It helps businesses to learn, engage and grow their businesses reputation through a gamut of tools.“Tellofy aims to solve internal feedback systems, which, more often than not,lack trust and transparency.With current feedback mechanisms turning out be tedious with no audio and review formats resulting in high drop rate from consumers to provide reviews, there is no single cross vertical platform and this has resulted in the lack of a central place for all reviews,”says Saurabh. He adds, “We want to be the ‘go-to’ brand for consumers when it comes to reviews and feedback with an established presence globally along with strategic alliances and partnerships in the B2B space.”Website

7. Rxpress: Launched in 2015,Rxpress was founded by Madhur, a healthcare veteran,and Amit, a techie–both with over a decade of experience. Rxpress is a health management platform where patients can avail end-to-end healthcare services – at one platform with the support of 24/7 health specialists to monitor health. “One of the major problems faced by any chronic disease patient is poor disease management,” says Madhur. He cites the reasons as going to multiple service providers, wide gap in understanding the disease and lack of reinforcement on regime adherence.” With Rxpress, patients get reminders for medication, Rx-refill, tests, consultations etc. There are also red flags raised in case of the patient’s health readings not going in the right direction. Patients can also view their health progress charts. This offers patients the convenience of getting all healthcare services at one platform and continuous medical education to improve the medical outcomes. “We have planned to establish a strong presence in at least 10 countries by 2020, with a million happy patients,” says Madhur.Website

8. Urban Trippie: Urban Trippie, founded by the duo Suraj Shetty &Sanma Shetty, is a Bangalore based Startup that creates instant personalized hangout plans and itineraries for people to explore the city and enhance their experience. This App takes into consideration user preferences on Food, Entertainment and Recreation, and creates customized plans for them. It also takes into account the user’s location and time preferences while creating these itineraries. In short, it solves the problem of discovery and planning for a city hangout.“With Urban Trippie, you have an on-demand one stop shop solution for all your leisure needs that brings together all the info on the city’s best hangout places on a single platform and helps you focus on the experience rather than the mechanics of building the experience,” says Sanma. She adds,” We see ourselves becoming the ‘Google for Leisure’ by 2020, offering go-to solution for all your leisure needs, with a strong presence in the urban areas of the country.”Website

9. Fooroar: In 2015, Ganpal Ramanjaneya Reddy, along with Ruchir Aswal, Anandan Selvaganesan as Co-Founders and techie Devi Shankar went on to start Fooroar Tech Ventures, an online marketplace(aggregator) for catering services & homely foods. “Managing office team or event catering is currently a very tedious, recurring process,often stressful and we’re building a solution to greatly simplify the way group ordering works, while also making team meals more of a great food experience by sourcing from unique, local, passionate chefs and caterers,” says Ganpal. He adds, “With tailor made preferences according to the team, client or customer, we serve foods from multiple caterers every day at best prices — rotating caterers, more often than not, to serve tasty and variety foods.”Fooroar wants to taste at least 10% of the Indian food catering market by 2020, which is worth 41,000 Crore or 6.11 Billion US $. Website

10. StatsKonnect: StatsKonnect,founded by Srikanth, is a community platform for all things analytics and big data, aggregating professionals, talent seekers, and for anyone looking for information related to the industry. “With StatsKonnect, one can network and interact with data analytics professionals, create clubs and meet up with members of the platform community, get notifications related to career opportunities, apply for relevant jobs, attend events, enhance skill sets by signing up for courses, certifications, workshops, etc., and stay updated on the latest industry trends and reports with news, articles and blogs,”says Srikanth.Website