About Us

By the Startups is a one-stop collaborative platform to connect Startup Entrepreneurs, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Business leaders, Startup Eco-system & Community, Mentors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Startup Consultants, Seed Funds, Early adopters, Incubators & Accelerators, Business Book Authors, Educationists, Academicians, Students and aspiring Entrepreneurs looking for potential investors to realize their dreams of changing the world. We also support Startups that display a high level of social value in their tech-driven or tech-enabled offerings.

A pool of financial consultants helps in registering your Startup firm and offers a host of financial advisory services including Company Tax filing, Financial Auditing, thereby assisting Startups through all phases of their growth process.

By the Startups is also shaping itself as a single-window system to connect Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, Mentors and Instructors in the Technical & Business/Startup Management domain with Startups, SMEs, established business houses, and Educational Institutions & Centers that are in need of training and development assistance. We invite Startup Mentor & Consulting Firms to join hands with us in building an active Startup eco-system and help sustain this momentum.


Our Vision is simple: “To build visibility and coverage for Startups & SMEs with unique ideas, and those which go on to develop innovative products and solutions; to connect entrepreneurial & Startup aspiration with quality mentoring, education, training, investment and funding resources; to serve as an ideal platform for Startup mentoring, training and consulting firms which make a positive impact on Startup entrepreneurship, business growth and community development; and to cover those ‘special’ startups, which, in spite of socio-economic hurdles and challenges, strive for the betterment of humanity and of our world”.

Why Partner with Us?

  • We connect Funding sources, Mentoring and Startup consulting firms with promising and unique Startups, thereby helping startups pitch to a large pool of Angel investors, VCs and Private Equity groups for next stage funding
  • We promote Funding, Mentoring and Startup consulting firms on our platform, with greater choices for Startups to choose their mentor for accelerated growth of Startups at the same time.
  • To organize Startup events, Meets and Networking points with the support of the Startup fraternity, backed by funding, mentoring, startup consulting firms and endorse
  • To help conduct Startup Job Fair events and create job opportunities, backed by endorse, for talented and skilled aspirants and Interns
  • Exhaustive coverage of numerous initiatives related to Startup entrepreneurship development and Community building
  • We strive to link the vast pool of aspiring student’s and educational community with the knowledge and expertise of Startup entrepreneurs, Consultants and Professionals from diverse areas through organized cells and Industrial interface

Working for a positive impact: We do not make promises that remain unfulfilled and greater visibility of any Startup, Initiative or project is our only objective to which we are focused and steadfast in our approach, thereby adding value to the Entrepreneurial & SME Business Eco-system& Network.

On a final note, ‘Startups, Stories, Mentoring, Investment, Funding, Education, Resources, and Change’― do these sound good to you? Get in touch with us and we are more than happy to help you in whatever we can.