What you get
> For BTS-B: 3 BTS-B Online Meets per Chapter every month: 1. #LetsNetwork  2. #LetsTalk  3. #LetsFollowup
> For BTS-K:2 BTS-K Online Meets per Chapter every month: 1. #LetsNetwork  2. #LetsAsk
> Up to 4 BTS-B & 3-BTS-K Offline Meets per chapter per year* (as req.)
> Facilitate members to conduct different networking meets** (as req.)
> Strictly only one niche area for a specific business category per BTS-B chapter ***
> BTS Web Page Listing for every BTS-B/BTS-K registered member
> B2B/B2C Product Store for product-based businesses (BTS-S to be launched)
> Franchising request for product/service businesses (BTS-F to be launched)
> Seamless networking between registered members of different chapters (BTS-B & BTS-K)
> Promotion of BTS registered members on all BTS social handles
> Exclusive official Telegram Groups for BTS-B & BTS-K groups
> Support of a dedicated Community Manager and Arbitration team (chapter-wise)
> No hidden middleman or commission charges on top for business transactions or deals

Note: */** Kindly note offline BTS-B/ BTS-K meets & events will be generally paid or free depending upon the venue of the meet or nature of the event, and will not be covered by the BTS annual membership fee mentioned above.

***Only one niche area per business category (eg: Constructions) per chapter allowed. However, a chapter may have multiple niche areas per business category such as Constructions, Architecture, Interior, Landscaping.