A one-day seminar on Software and Electronics Patent Portfolio will be organised by IIPRD, Pune-based Patent Support And Technology Consulting firm, on February 23 and Bengaluru on Feb 24, 2017. The focus will be on preliminary preparation, prosecution, and litigation in India and US.

The utilization of Patent Portfolio has become an industry in itself with patents becoming the central part of the current economic ecosystem, particularly for Software, Information Technology, IoT, Embedded Systems, and Telecom industries.

Why it’s crucial to understand Patent issues

To lessen efforts in Patent Development, and exploit commercial gains it is vital to comprehend significant Patent issues, not only by in-house IP counsels but also by R&D Scientists. It is crucial to understand the nitty-gritties of patent portfolio creation, protection, management, and commercialization, without which there is danger of serious blow either from an infringement perspective or from a patent cancellation perspective or the portfolio would remain under-commercialized.

National Patent Laws & Practices relating to prosecution practices, drafting practices, examination practices, enforcement practices and commercialization practices differ substantially across geographies. Exclusivity rights granted through patents can only be utilized if there is broad knowledge of various patent related issues. Furthermore, with growing clarity concerns on Software Patent ability in India, and new guidelines coming out for Computer-related Inventions (CRI), it is imperative to understand how such guidelines are actually being implemented in real-life Patent applications.

Sessions of the seminar would also help understand how Indian companies strategize in view of the dynamic policy changes in the software industry.

With several cases being filed in 2015-16 on FRAND issues, it is very critical for all concerned stakeholders to understand how such litigations may impact them, how standard patents are being interpreted and challenged these days, along with how Competition Commission and similar regulatory bodies are handling complex royalty rate and unfair competition issues.

The seminar would discuss these issues in detail and answer all issues mentioned above and much more.

Who will benefit from the seminar?

IP Groups, R&D experts, In-House IP/Legal Counsels, Patent Agents & Attorneys in the field of Practice, Patent Litigators, and Professionals in Legal Domain related to Software, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical, Embedded, Mobile Technology, IoT, and Telecom Domains.

Speakers would share real-life cases and experiences

Patent Experts, Litigators, and Legal Counsels from varied backgrounds and having enormous expertise carrying different perceptions would be interacting with limited delegates and would answer all their questions. The speakers are selected such that attendees can get real insights and basic facts followed in India and by global companies developing Indian Patent Portfolio and Managing Large R&D Centers. The speakers would share real-life cases and experiences that can help attendees in following best practices for building their respective patent portfolios.

An impressive line of speakers

Speakers from a variety of different backgrounds such as Telecom, Software, Cellular/Mobile Technology, and Electronics Domains, who are authorities in their fields, would discuss patent issues in detail. Among the speakers there are Patent Attorneys and In-House/Legal Counsels from leading Indian corporate houses, who have vast experience in their professional fields and are well acquainted with the industry’s need. These speakers will put across to the delegates a real insight of Patent Laws, Interpretation of CRI guidelines, FRAND based issues for Standard Patents, best practices for prosecuting, licensing and litigating Patents/IPs, and Portfolio Development Processes/Strategies.

Speakers at a glance

Chid Iyer: His practice includes patent litigation and prosecution in complex technical areas in the electrical and computer arts. Mr. Iyer has prepared and prosecuted over 50 applications for a leading computers and communications research laboratory.

Anubhav Kapoor: He is one of world’s leading IP strategists. Anubhav is Tata Technologies’ General Counsel and Company Secretary and is responsible for Tata Technologies’ global legal, IP, regulatory compliance and corporate governance practices and policies.

T.V. Ravi:Ravi completed his B.E. (Electronics) from Bangalore University, his MTech from Pondicherry University, Ph.D. (Computer Science) from University of Mysore, and LL. B from Karnataka State Law University. His research areas include pattern recognition, clustering, data mining, knowledge discovery, symbolic data analysis, cluster validity, supervised and unsupervised learning, genetic algorithms and its application to symbolic clustering.

Irfan Modi:A senior IP Law Attorney at IBM India, Irfan Modi has around 12 years of experience working at law firms and is a registered Indian patent agent and an engineer.

Subhadip Sarkar: Subhadip works for Cognizant Technology Solutions as Senior Director and manages Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing, and Business Alliances for the company.

Mr. R. Lakshminarayanan: He heads the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management in Samsung R&D India – Bangalore, and is responsible for championing systematic invention creation, securing enforceable patent protection & building high-quality patent portfolio for Samsung in India.

Mr. Ajay Panwar:Ajay specializes in patent and trademark portfolio management, pre-litigation activities, due diligence, licensing services, and providing counseling to business groups.

Mr. Krishna Chellapilla: Krishna is a Senior IP Attorney at Tata Consultancy Services. He has around 15 years of experience in varied aspects of IPR.

Smita Raktawan: She has been associated with TCS as a Patent Specialist in the IPR division. Her experience and expertise mainly include software patents drafting and prosecution across several jurisdictions.

Vinod Kumar:He completed his B.Tech specializing in Analog Integrated Circuits from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) and M.E. in Telecommunications IISc. Since then he is with the CTO office of Tejas Networks Ltd. He has also authored a short book named Key Concepts of Wireless Mobile Communications.

Tarun Khurana: Tarun has over 14 years of experience in a broad range of IP subject matters, and is the Co-Founding Partner and Patent Attorney of Khurana & Khurana, which is among the leading IP practices in India.

Abhishek Pandurangi: Abhishek is an ardent promoter and believer of IPR, and has worked in different areas of IPR as an IP practitioner, entrepreneur, legal expert and trainer.

Programme overview

There will be technical sessions, and panel discussions. The seminar will start at 9 am and will go on till 6 pm.

Contact details:

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Pune – February 23
Bengaluru – Feb 24, 2017