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Join any ONE of the global BTS-Business (BTS-B) networking communities, one of India’s leading networking community groups. We will be initiating the BTS-Store (BTS-S) soon for all our registered members.

BTS-B Networking Communities (Code)
Coimbatore B-Community-1 (BTS-CBE-1)
Chennai B-Community-1 (BTS-CHE-1)
General B-Community (BTS-GEN-1)

What to Expect?
To help you get the most out of your meets, here are some things to know before you

Join BTS-B Networking Community:
BTS-B is a focussed business community strictly for networking, business leads, referral exchanges, sales, and resources–divided into regional chapters and categories for convenience and to avoid conflict of interests. Fastpitch your business and develop strong professional friends/partners for life with BTS-B group month-on-month.

Rule: An individual can be a member of only one BTS-B community. He/she can also be a member of any one BTS-B community (only), BTS-S platform, and any one BTS-K community (only).

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