The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 dealt a lethal blow to several business sectors like manufacturing, hospitality, tourism and education. The building & construction industry is no exception and is feeling the heat at the moment. Tactive Software Systems, based out of Chennai and Erode in Tamilnadu, incepted in 2007, is all set to disrupt the construction space by digitizing the entire construction process and project lifecycle.

Tactive construction makes life easy for owners, project managers, site engineers and consultants offering better access to data and control across the construction lifecycle for making informed decisions to help them complete construction projects within the stipulated time and budget.

The story behind Tactive:

Tactive is firmly rooted in the construction industry. Tactive started out as internal software/custom ERP developed for a construction conglomerate in the year 2003. After successful rollout, the company was formed as URC Infotec with the product’s name as CIMS Construction ERP.

Shri.U.R.Chinnusamy, who started URC Construction in 1956, marked his impression upon the second generation members of the family, when it was looking to modernize and stabilize URC as a BUILT TO LAST COMPANY. Though it had introduced modern equipment, developed its own team of professionals by continuous education and implemented Skill Development (GURUKULAM) for its workers, URC was still looking for the right IT solution since 12 years.

“At that point in time we were unable to find the right product which can understand the construction business,” says Elavarasu Arumugan, CEO of Tactive Software Systems. Finally, a team of youngsters who have done 4 to 5 years of research in the construction industry approached URC for developing the solution. Finding them to be intelligent and committed, the responsibility was given to them. Over a period of another 4 to 5 years with the involvement of the construction team of URC and continuous interactive sessions, the product has evolved into a worthy functional solution.

“At that point in time, Dr.A.Ramakrishna, ex.DMD of L&T, was able to envisage the product’s potential, mentored and guided us all the way throughout the ideation and product development phase with NCC Hyderabad, who had vast knowledge and exposure to further enhance our confidence and the performance of the product,” adds Arumugan.

With a good number of customers in India and the Gulf region, it boasts of a strong experienced team to support the implementation and seamless process management. Tactive is now a web-based product, with one of the finest tools and cutting-edge technologies built into the system.

Gunasekaran Govindasamy, CTO, says, “We are a company operating from a smaller but the latest Indian Smart City Erode. In the current situation, companies operating out of smaller towns can be stronger and safe.

Targeted customer segment:

Tactive’s targeted customer segment lies in the construction and contracting companies in India and the Middle East doing a turnover of more than 75 crore INR. When companies grow beyond “owner-driven”, they need to setup systems and project controls. This is when Tactive becomes most useful for owners and project managers to ensure their projects are time-and budget-bound.

USP of Tactive:

The USP of Tactive Software Systems lies in its deep roots in the construction industry which invariably helps provide the perfect solution for its clients. Each and every aspect of its products speaks the construction language, unlike SAP or Oracle, which are generic ERPs that have to be customized according to the construction industry needs. Tactivesoft’s construction software product suite include:

  • Tactive construction management software (Construction ERP software)
  • Tactive construction project management software
  • HR & Contract labour software /workforce management software

Problems that Tactive solves

Construction is a complex industry to operate in as such, as there are so many variable such as labour, machinery, finance availability, raw material reaching on time and project dependencies.

  • Tactive solves all these problems by giving reports and dashboards for decision makers across the construction project management hierarchy.
  • The mobile app for site has features to enter daily site progress report against each BOQ/activity code, and enter daily labour out turn to track progress and profitability.
  • The mobile app for employees has features that helps do self-service functions such as leave application, attendance management, approvals for purchase requests and task management, etc.
  • The performance of an individual, team or any project can be reviewed on an online basis.
  • Particularly, cost reduction and control in equipment and machinery consumables is a major cost saving tool which has reduced costs to a considerable value.
  • The accuracy of the billing to the client and the sub-contractors is such that the variations can be easily analysed and corrected.
  • When you are operating in multiple locations, the inventory of construction materials, construction tools, equipment and machinery can be effectively utilised by the monitoring process given by the system.

Risks & Competitive Advantage:

Tactive faces the risks of construction industry professionals not readily willing to get digitized. It is the second least digitized industry after agriculture. Almost all processes are done manually and through emails and Whatsapp, which is not really the way to do business. People have to adapt to digitization that is happening all around us to benefit from being closer to customer and operating efficiently,” says Gunasekaran.

Arumugan adds, “Tactive’s greatest advantage is our product. We track 5M component of construction such as Man, Material, Machinery, Minutes and Money. Being a technology company serving the construction industry, we have designed all our modules—tendering, estimation, budgeting, scheduling, project execution, procurement, material, HR and finance—to connect and control all the 5Ms of construction. For example, each BOQ item from the client will be broken down to activity in each component (called LMP cost in the industry) to handle the 5M aspects, cost codes assigned for each activity, schedules planned, and more importantly tracked in every step of the process.

The road ahead:

Tactive is buoyant of seeing themselves as the best construction software providers in India, the Middle east and the Far East serving 500 customers across the region in the next 5 years. “The bootstrapped Tactive software systems pvt ltd. has 35 plus large-sized enterprise contracting companies using our products including ERP for construction industry and construction project management software, with a high level of customer satisfaction. Our product has also been recognized and highly rated by vendors like, Softwareworld and Software Suggest (2020),” Arumugan concludes.

Website:   Tactive Soft

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