“In 5 years’ time, we see ourselves as a global brand for service and to represent India internationally in this sector,” says the spry Aashiq Ahamed, Founder & CEO of Eze, a brand of Gofar Corporate Pvt Ltd based out of Chennai. Eze is a personalized product care assistant, offering technical services for mobiles and computers through their web-based and mobility platform to consumers and corporates.

Eze is currently in the process of setting up Eze Authorized Product Care Labs throughout India with technology and facilities in technical service and support. “It is going to be the first branded network for technical service and support,” says Aashiq.

Tech support gets Eze

“We promote both walk-ins and online bookings as our vision is to transform and organize the whole technical service and support industry, which is unorganized at the moment. We are working with excellent systems, and also have the expertise to come up with our own exclusive product,” says Aashiq.

The beginning

Aashiq hit upon the idea when he himself faced a technical problem. “I used to face many complications while giving my expensive gadgets for repairs. Some of my gadgets got stolen, and some lost their originality after repairs. The charges were also exorbitant. When I discussed these issues with some of my friends, I realised that they too are facing the same problems,” he says.

He also realised that there is no open source platform for tech geeks, especially senior citizens, to enquire about new products and their features. “All these factors inspired me to create a brand for providing technical service and free technical support for mobiles and computers,” he says.

Target audience

Eze’s target audience include corporate employees, college students, gated communities, senior citizens, corporate and start-up companies. In fact, anyone who use technology in their day-to-day lives.

Product line

“We are unique in the way that we are trying to become the first brand for technical service and assistance. We provide complete authorization to the existing and new service providers. We have customized web technology for online booking for repairs and assistance for all mobiles and computers,” says Aashiq.

At Eze points, customers get help, free support, and can solve doubts regarding their gadgets. “We have also stocked e-product magazines at our cool Eze points. On our website called Ezebox, people can store their products and can get regular service timeline, Eze recommendations, specifications etc,” he adds.

Eze advantages

According to Aashiq, exorbitant products after repair lose their originality. “This is a problem faced by most people. We solve this by proving 100% original and OEM quality products. There is no standard pricing for spares at a local shop. However, we have standardized the price for all spares and services. And you don’t have to take an extra effort to get your gadgets repaired. We provide pickup and delivery, and provide you timely updates of your product. We are also trying to build various point-to-point network of Eze for easy accessibility,” he adds.

People behind the venture

Aashiq is ably assisted by Bhavyadeep Garg, who is heading admin operations. Ameen Ibrahim and Anoop Keeyath are on board as mentors of Eze for Technology and Operations, respectively.

Not without challenges

The bootstrapping of the startup was with the founder’s investment of 10 lakhs INR. “We are facing many risks and complexities every day. However, we are trying our best to keep our customers happy by offering quality services,” asserts Aashiq.

The journey so far

Since its inception in 2016, Eze has successfully completed about 50 products from 30 clients in 11 days with zero marketing. “Our biggest achievement is that more than 50% of our clients are repeat customers,” says Aashiq.

Revenue model

Eze is giving franchise and authorizations to existing and new service providers, and take franchise commissions from them for each business. “Our model for B2B is to have contract with corporates for a time duration, and we charge them accordingly.”, concludes Aashiq with a broad smile. Get in touch with team Eze at eze.gci@gmail.com.

Website: Eze Services

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