Getting delicious food on the table, week-after-week, without getting monotonous can be rather unnerving. Here’s where menu planning comes in handy. Planning your menu can go a long way in making your time in kitchen relaxed and delightful. Menu planning is fruitful because you not only save time and money, but it will help you put together lip-smacking food on the table.

In Food Fiesta (Publisher: NiraliPrakashan), author Lipaa Mirgh Shah brings together over 200 recipes that are sumptuous and made from easily accessible ingredients The art of cooking meals at home without falling into a repetitive, boring cycle according to Lipaa is planning your menu in advance. The book comprises a 15 section self-explanatory schemer that will guide you in planning your week’s menu. She makes the whole process of planning menu a highly spirited endeavour.

Food Fiesta is not your average cook book. It is a vibrant fusion of an array of cuisines that will inspire you to whip hearty meals day in and day out with the same feisty enthusiasm as Lipaa shows in the book. The cuisines you will stumble across in this book include Chinese, Maharashtrian, Kutchhi, Italian, Sindhi, South Indian, Mughlai and fast food. Additionally, Lipaa includes exclusive sections, one each for fast food and parties.

Food Fiesta - An Effortless Daily Menu guide

Lipaa shares an elaborate schemer that is 15 sections long. It presents you with the entire list of dishes that you can pick from to cook to your heart’s content. The book is designed in set menu format with sections ardently devoted to basic recipes, weights and measures and glossary, among others. A section is even devoted to special tips where she shares her secrets to preserve seasonal vegetables. What menu is complete without desserts? Lipaa has devoted a section of Food Fiesta just for desserts and refreshments. The author suggests tips and variations throughout the book aimed at making even the most seasoned home cook excited and starry eyed.

Her food philosophy is all about harmony and togetherness and that is evident in her recipes. All she wants is you to create delicious, flavourful meals that pull your family right to the dinner table. Food Fiesta essentially urges people to get into the kitchen and prepare dazzling meals that you can savour with your family. It’s your daily menu guide to effortless and sumptuous cooking.

About the Author

Born into a family of foodies who relish every bite, Lipaa Mirgh Shah’s affinity to food and cooking was no surprise for anyone. Her incredible flair for cooking made her explore and experiment different cuisines. Her cooking is animatedly enjoyed by everyone she feeds, which encouraged her to share it with the world through a cook book. When not cooking, Lipaa likes to dabble in creative art. She religiously performs yoga, which she believes keeps her food and life holistic.

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Author: Lipaa Mirgh Shah

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