Good content never dies”: Sanjay Kumar Bojan, SARAS DIGITAL AND CONTENT SOLUTIONS

Based in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, Saras Digital and Content Solutions is a growing team of creative content developers and copywriters who have joined hands to help clients develop quality content, spread the word about their business & services and help digital agencies with their SEO process. Gayathri Rajesh caught up with a ‘buoyant’ Sanjay Kumar Bojan, the man behind Saras Digital and Content Solutions, as she sat down to interview him on a lazy afternoon at his desk.

Sanjay, after a brief stint as a content developer in a digital agency, started freelancing for his own clients. Realizing the demand and dearth of quality content writing in the region, he decided to rope in a few more creative writers to join his business and ever since has been doing a decent job in this niche. Today, Saras Digital and Content Solutions’s gamut of content writing service includes news writing, press releases (PR), copy writing, ghost writing, and development of blog posts, reviews and featured articles.

The driving force

Content development is something that most good digital brands are veering towards. New websites keep coming up every day and they all need quality content writing solutions for their clients.

Even the most established websites require content update, periodic Newsfeed and some form of content or the other. So these things provided a fillip to the start of his venture.

The Challenges

Having a team, it is important to ensure that everybody has regular work flow and remuneration. With a cautious note of optimism, Sanjay says, “Sometimes we have more work and less people to do it. Sometimes, the other way round – our team of copy writers do not have sufficient work. So the most challenging aspect is to balance work load. It is important that we don’t take too much of the work that is beyond our team strength and technical capabilities. It is equally important that we have enough work for the week or month,”

He adds, “Like any business start-up, we wanted to work with the best. In our case – develop articles for the best websites around. But that was not easy. We had to keep up our writing standards with the likes of some of the best websites online. We had to satisfy editors in the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia, whose native tongue, primarily, is English. This was the tough part. But with time, we were able to do this; thanks to some of my colleagues and their tireless nature to offer the best form of output.

It’s just been two years, ever since I started my own work and I remember we had our own doubts and uncertainties about where we were going, when we started. Today, I am more positive than I had ever been all my life.” asserts a confident Sanjay.

Sanjay talks about his close colleagues who have done well to start their own businesses. “Some of my close colleagues: Shartay Ahamad, Touseef Ahmed and Gayathri Rajesh run their own businesses and have tasted success. They are my biggest inspiration. It all started with a simple question in my mind – “If they could do it, why not me?” he recollects with a thoughtful smile on his face.

When quizzed about what he would suggest to any aspiring startup would be, the young startup leader said: “Never shy away from giving it a try. You may have a unique idea which you are not confident about. But nevertheless, try it. You never know how good it can turn out to be. “He goes on to add: “Never be afraid of your competition. There is always room for your services.”

Definition of Success

For him, the definition of success is simple: ‘Whatever one wanted to do and have done it – is success.’ And he further adds, “Set your own goals and see your own success. You are your own competitor. Never measure your success with someone else’s achievements. In simple words, just don’t try to copy or compare others.”

Leadership Mantra

Sanjay isn’t just focused on developing his brand, but believes in providing ample opportunities for his growing team. He defines ‘opportunity’ as something that offers space and time for financial success and recognition. “If you care for your team or employees, your business will take care of itself. And in my opinion, many companies need to realize this. After all, it’s their (employees) efforts that had made them successful”, he reasserts.

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