How to get startup ideas

If your are on the entrepreneurial path, you would want to come up with that one idea that you can go after and turn it into a successful venture. Don’t we all want to brainstorm and come up with the next big startup idea right now? There lies the problem. The truth is brainstorming cannot help you to generate winning ideas.

Look for problems

All great startups have one thing in common – they were the solutions to the problem the founders wanted to solve. And what is the one thing you have to keep in mind when your idea is based on a problem. It is that the problem should really exist. So, many times, a lot of people create solutions for problems no one experience. This is the major cause of the failure of their idea. When you make up solutions for problems that people do not really want, you are setting up for failure.

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Who does it appeal to?

Sometimes, you can choose your market and then look for problems there. Your idea gets a niche market, if there are people desperately looking for solution. Study your target market very well – Research, talk to expert and potential users, read books. You need to have a thorough understanding of nuances of the market. When you present the solution, people should be willing to use it.

Engineer your ideas

The thing is you can never know if you have a killer startup idea in your hand, unless you put it out to the audience and test it. Successful entrepreneurs will swear by testing ideas. In the end, it does not matter how many times you tested your ideas, if you could find the perfect idea at last. Have a strong trust for your instincts. No one created a huge business by being successful with the first idea that popped out in their head. Keep following your ideas until you find a great breakthrough.

Mark Zuckerberg executed his idea of Facebook to a selected audience – the Harvard students. Even though the Zuckerberg’s idea was a poor version made by guys people never knew about, users want to use it. This helped him to create what is now Facebook.

Your startup execution must be in demand at least to a section of your audience. If people are going to think that they may be interested in what you have done or they can see it using sometime, the idea is not good enough. Really good startup ideas are in high demand at least to some of your users. This is what should convince to build your business.

However, if Zuckerberg’s idea had only appealed to Harvard students, it wouldn’t have been such a great success. Since, it appealed to college students, it was obvious it will be a hit among other college students. Once your idea appeals a small market, you can be sure it will appeal to similar markets.

How to tap big market?

So, can people really know that their idea can grow into a great businesses. Can they really know that they can tap a huge market using their startup idea? Yes and no. Successful founders have no way of knowing what great ventures their ideas will turn into. They start with a narrow idea and mostly cannot see the future of it. However, all successful founders, be it Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg had one thing in common – they were all on to something, something they truly believed in.

Notice the opportunities

That in a nutshell is how you can really come up with startup ideas. People who have created the most successful businesses were people who noticed problems and the opportunities they present. While a lot of people experience the problem, it is only few who notice it well enough to make use of the opportunity to create something out of it. This is how you can create successful businesses.