Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Perhaps, anup-and-coming startup or just someone who wants to follow your heart and chase your dreams. Make no mistake, this book might be for you. ‘I want to fly, where my wings’ is penned by Rakesh Sidana, founder and CEO of . This book is no old wine in a new bottle as the author offers tons of practical advice and inspiration for anyone who wants to climb up the ladder of life. The book sprinkled with powerful insights, nuggets of wisdom from the author himself appeals to the students, entrepreneurs and people in all walks of life with daring goals.

I Want to Fly Where are My Wings - Rakesh Sidana

The book is divided into 16 chapters, with each chapter setting you slowly towards your path to success. Some challenge your thinking and prejudices, while some clarify your goals and spur you into action, a few others offers you courage to turn an entrepreneur and others provide a reality check. The entire book will provide you with an affirmation that your fears and inhibitions are valid and it is possible for everyone to achieve your life goals, if only you make use of your life wings – efforts, energy, courage and knowledge to its fullest potential.

The simplicity of his writing, the inherent positivity and passion is a breath of fresh air. The book, in short, breaks away the barriers of mind and tells you how high one can fly. Each chapter in the book addresses to both the matter of heart and head. The high-flying entrepreneur Rakesh is quick to share his life lessons that inspires and humbles you at the same time. And this can be charmingly new to you!

It helps you garner courage and redefine your life purpose that will help you realize your true self. This book breaks the shackles that tend to hold you back. If you want to know how high you can fly, this book is a must-read!

About the author

A passionate entrepreneur, Rakesh Sidana has created many innovative and successful business models over the span of four decades. He has contributed to several leading Indian newspapers and appeared on several TV shows. His drive to bring a dynamic change in the country has propelled him to mentor many budding entrepreneurs to success. He is active on social media and his daily motivational quotes on Facebook find a large number of takers.

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