By The Startups organized an hour-long intro meet of BTS-Business (BTS-B) community online attended by the registered members of BTS and participants on the 13th of December. The business networking session, hosted by Shameer—Founder, By The Startups Community—from Coimbatore, proved highly productive as the experience and knowledge of startup and SME entrepreneurs were shared. A presentation on the structure and working mechanism of the BTS-B & BTS-K communities and BTS-S platform was shared with the participants. Other requisites for joining the BTS Community such as understanding the objective, manifesto, and more importantly code of conduct were discussed with the participants.

Business Pitch & Referral Leads

All participants were allowed to make a 45-sec business pitch in the order of brand introduction, problem solved, and ask from the community. About 10 referrals were shared in the very first meet sending a strong message that the BTS B-Community is steadfast in its commitment to generating referral leads for its members. With referral leads received and given, members were instructed to follow up the business leads diligently and close them before the BTS-BE-GEN-1 follow-up (or bus) meet.

Launch of BTS Community Magazine – BTS Voice

Overall, the intro meet of BTS-B-GEN-1 established the much-required networking base for more chapters to follow in the form of online and offline meets. Also, the much-awaited BTS VOICE, a fortnightly magazine that reflects the true calling of the community was released, comprising startup stories of member businesses of the BTS community, book review, and feature stories related to various entrepreneurship topics. Are you looking to join BTS-B or BTS-K networking communities? Simply give us a shout.