How many times while stuck in stop-and-go traffic congestions have you speculated about ridesharing? However, as beguiling as the idea is, the ambiguity of finding a share ride has refrained us from carpooling. LiftO, an android based app that will make ridesharing an effortless process, may just be the thing you were looking for!

LiftO: The Genesis

The Cofounders of LiftO , Nikhil Agrawal, an IIT (Delhi)&IIM (Lucknow) graduate with exhaustive experience in investment banking and Vikesh Agrawal, a BITS Pilani, AIM Manila graduate with ample experience in Media sales and marketing, having spent the last few years in metros and commuting long hours had many a times probed the idea of carpooling. However, the entire process of ridesharing with someone seemed onerous. Either the commuting routes did not synchronize with their colleagues or the timings of their shuttle did not agree with their neighbours or others living in their apartment.

Vikesh and Nikhil started talking about this predicament and discussed what they can do to change the current scenario. They brainstormed and came up with the idea of using route matching algorithm on real time basis, which has the potential to change carpooling system as we know it. Nikhil and Vikesh thought their idea was worth going the extra mile. They decided to become a part of the solution and this led to the birth of LiftO.

Nikhil Agrawal - Co-Founder - LiftO.j

Nikhil Agrawal – Co-Founder – LiftO

Vikesh Agrawal - Co-Founder - LiftO

Vikesh Agrawal – Co-Founder – LiftO


While sweating and toiling to make their idea a reality, the founders connected with their family, friends and others to get a pulse and agony of commutations. They incorporated their feedback into designing what is now LiftO. Nandhakumar, a product of the SRM Engineering College, who has worked extensively on Mobile Application Development for over a decade, chipped in as the CTO for LiftO.

LiftO- Lift do, Lift lo!

LiftO is the country’s first premium ridesharing app that will help commuters to share their ride with one another, at any place, any car and anytime. With LiftO, you can share a ride in your own car or in one of the cabs like Ola, Uber, Kaali Peeli taxi or autos. LiftO boasts of using their proprietary ‘Route Matching Algorithm’ that will provide commuters with the exact location, pick up point, drop point and ride tracking mechanism. Using the app is pretty much straightforward. The process of using LiftO for commuting is very similar to the experience of booking a cab using an app.

So what’s unique about LiftO?

The LiftO app uses the Route matching algorithm, which is also their USP, to help commuters to offer an empty seat to their fellow commuters who are looking to share a ride along the same route. “Take a look at any metro city during the peak hours, you will either notice every other cab, auto, or taxi being occupied by a single passenger or see people driving their vehicle solo”, says Vikesh. He adds “The singular idea behind LiftO is to transform this story and at the same time help commuters save money, time, fuel, reduce traffic congestion and not to mention give a helping hand in saving the planet.”

Vikesh tells us that people want to avoid cash transaction after pooling; they don’t want to wait for long hours for their pool partner and don’t want to take detour to reach their destination. So, the founders overcame this obvious complication with Paytm transaction and real time ridesharing feature.

Challenges down the road

The founders trust that there is a genuine, real-time need for concepts like LiftO. However, the team is well aware that ridesharing concept is still ambiguous in a country like India where Carpooling or ridesharing is still looked down with scepticism. Vikesh claims that User behaviour and acceptability, hence, is a major risk factor with their app. However, the team is confident of overcoming challenges and is assertive that their app will charm the market. The venture, as of now, is completely bootstrapped.

What next?

LiftO will be launched on the 24th of August this year in Mumbai but the one-of-a-kind concept has already garnered positive reactions and much excitement from people. They are also in the process of filing patent for their proprietary Route Matching Algorithm. The team is planning to cover major cities like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune by mid-2016. “We are designing to enter the international market in a couple of years”, says an elated Vikesh.

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