Technological advancement has given a short in the arm for the healthcare sector in our country in the recent times. With over 45,000 health and medical apps already in the App Store and thousands more on the Play Store, Health and Fitness segment is there to stay in the App market. The number of installations of apps in the healthcare sector is on a meteoric rise and this is somewhat being driven by the need for a patient to actively take care of his or her health and well-being. Rxpress, the Bangalore-based Healthcare Services provider, is cashing in on this new wave by developing a Healthcare app, which makes healthcare more convenient, preventive and effective for patients.

What is Rxpress all about?

Started in 2015, Rxpress is bringing about nothing short of a revolution in healthcare. The comprehensive health management app aims at bringing international standard of medical care to patients right at the comfort of their homes.

In today’s fast paced world, most people find it difficult to routinely follow medical regimes. Rxpress through its team of medical experts offer continuous expert care for tracking chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritics, asthma and Alzheimer’s. The health management app creates personalised health profiles based on the medical details uploaded by the patient. With the information provided, it creates routine reminders that will help the patient manage their medical condition more effectively. The app also educates the patients about their medical wellness based on their health chart. The regular review of this health chart aids in detecting early symptoms and warnings that are otherwise easily overlooked.

The Men behind Rxpress

“Today, approximately 75% patients find it difficult to routinely follow medical regimes. This results in compromised medical outcome. Rxpress is India’s first health app that offers the convenience of clinical diagnosis right at your doorstep, “says Madhur Gopal, CEO- an accomplished strategist and business development expert with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and telecommunication domains. The core team of Rxpress comprises Amit Walia who has worked with HCL Technologies and United Health Group (UHG), Manjunath BS with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, with experience of having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade, and Suhas Rajendra who has worked with Times and Fortis Hospitals.

Medical Opinion, Free Medical Services & much more

Through the app, patient can arrange to get samples for lab testing to be picked right from the house. “The app provides diagnosis by internationally accredited path labs, adhering to stringent accuracy norms followed in the United States and Europe,” says Madhur. “Patients can avail themselves of expert opinion of doctors registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI)at anytime,” he adds.

Rxpress is the first of its kind health-care app that offers niche medical services absolutely free of cost. It is a patient-centric platform that provides answers to any medical queries, no matter how trivial or complicated they are. Slated to be the first health app in India that gives access to medical consultation while addressing medical needs, Rxpress also provides facilities of home delivery of medicines, in addition to suggesting contacts of physiotherapists and home nurses.

The road ahead

The company envisages in bringing down mortality rate due to poor quality of medical care available to treat chronic diseases through the health management app. Its aim to improve life expectancy by providing 24/7 personalized health-care targeted at long term medical wellness. In essence, Rxpress bridges the gap between doctor and patient, and attempts to create a sense of greater awareness about medical conditions.

“Our business model is based on the margins from our services we sell to our customers, such as pharmacy, lab, homecare services etc. Within a year of its launch, we have had more than 600 customers of which more than 100 are either regular or repeat customers,” concludes an optimistic Madhur. Get in touch with Team Rxpress at

Website: Rxpress

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