Money &You® programme

SHINE ADA, founded by Dr. AR Ramesh Nambiar & Azeeza Jalaludeen, second & third generation Singapore-born Tamil speaking South Indians, has launched this initiative partnering various global platforms, as the only authorised ambassador, for the world’s leading and longest running Experiential Business Education – Excellerated Business Schools®, USA. with Money & You®. SHINE ADA provides Indian businesses access to many global business platforms in Asia (Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam) USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, etc.

Money &You® programme, started in 1979 in USA, has more than 1,00,000 graduates over 65 countries including renowned self-development gurus and business mentors like Jack Canfield, T HarvEker, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and many other successful business leaders in the world.

The inception of SHINE ADA platform

SHINE ADA is one of its kind platform providing a roadmap for Indian SMEs to connect with the world, bridging SMEs / business leaders to reliable global networks, transcending cultural barriers, enhancing entrepreneurial journey to gain holistic growth. They also support in structuring businesses to become bankable, with access to funding (Government/Private). “Our vision is to globalise 10000 Indian SMEs in the next 5 years and we have started doing this mentoring and empowering leaders of SME Business Networks and Startup communities,” says Dr.Ramesh Nambiar.

One of their core works is in supporting SMEs take their next leap in going global, with SHINE ADA’s headquarters in Singapore. More than just normal secretarial or accounting services, SHINE ADA works towards SMEs establishing powerful global connections, business expansion strategies, revenue model innovation, and funding possibilities, including Pre-IPO Investments, to have long-term impact in India and global markets.

The road ahead – Global entrepreneurship

SHINE ADA team, with its network of associates and partners globally, is nurturing one of its kind Indian business community globally, coming together, as socially conscious, enlightened and empowered entrepreneurs and industry leaders, giving back to the society, thereby contributing to national growth and global transformation.

Currently, SHINE ADA is mentoring several platforms in India including the Chennai Trainers Forum, By The Startups, Coimbatore based Startup/SME community & platform, etc. They also inspired the setup of a Professional Skills Development Hub in Kashipur, Nanital by Sona Pandey, an NRI from Singapore. “We are enabling all our international resources and global mentors (Non-Indians and Indians), supporting the exponential growth anticipated in India, for the next decade,” says Azeeza, its co-founder. Visit SHINE ADA to know more about their Startup & SME mentoring initiatives.