SHINE ADA (Academia De Aedificatio) in association with ABCi (Asia Business Central International), both based in Singapore, will be organizing the CEO Money & You® Program on the 15th & 16th of August at The Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru, the IT Capital of India, with a host of other global partners and mentors.

SHINE ADA is a mentor platform for global business education, global connections & funding (private/government), SME business development and exit strategies for business in Asia. ABCi helps connect people and business owners by giving them a simple and easy-to-use platform that allows them to quickly find what they’re looking for. SHINE ADA’s business teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, USA, UK and other countries work towards supporting SMEs for mutual benefits.

What is the CEO Money & You® Program all about?


The CEO Money & You® Program is a very focused group connection. Dr. Azeeza Jalaludeen, co-founder of SHINE ADA says,“As a business owner, one gets clear directions for export, import & funding, to ASEAN and global market, besides funding knowledge (from Private/Government) in Singapore, India, Malaysia, USA, etc.There is also one-to-one connections and opportunities for SMEs to connect with centers of influence in Asia, with close group interaction, at the business clinics – all in one place”.

On asked about what difference the event would make to the SME ecosystem, Dr. Azeeza told that the CEO Money & You Program would help unique products or services reach global market faster through reliable contacts, and trusted networks in Asia and globally. She added that it will enable one to understand exit strategies, enhance SME business development and establish road map for global outreach, besides connecting with conscious business leaders available to expedite this journey. The event will house a galore of global business mentors, business and influencers from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, India, USA, and the Middle East, with power-packed panels and keynotes, bringing together communities for a sustainable world of the future.

So, what is in for the SMEs?

SMEs and business owners at CEO Money & You can share, connect & learn with high-networth individuals and business influencers withone-to-one meet up sessions and business clinics; develop up-close and personal interactions with mentors & leaders; get funding information from funding professionals; export & import knowledge on various Asian countries; showcase product & services; discover communication tools to align teams, improve productivity and reduce conflicts; implement systems and policies to achieve optimum performance & excellence; learn power of leverage to achieve high returns with little or no risk and learn differentiate yourself from competition and  strategies to drastically grow your business.

A life-time global membership with it can help review gain more in business, network, promote business in all Money & You® and follow up export & import services with platforms in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Get in touch with team SHINE ADA for event registration at or