Shine ADA Singapore, based in Singapore, has stood tall in the area of Business & Entrepreneurship Training & Coaching. Shine ADA is spearheaded by renowned business mentor Dr.A.R. Ramesh Nambiar and Dr.h.c.Azeeza Jalaludeen who is leading reputed organizations including IWFCI, International Business Federation and BNI in Singapore at various capacities. By The Startups has partnered with Shine ADA for a 3-hour highly interactive & experiential session viz., ‘Global Business – Grow & Glow Program’ that will be held in Coimbatore on December 172016.

A project of IBF India Industries Alliance and jointly organized by Bengaluru-based education consulting organization Godwin Academy, the event will be supported by leading Digital Media firms including Acscent Transformation, Media Miracles, Herenow Digital and TE and Immersion Education Specialist SpaceTrek, with AstroFamily stepping as the key event Sponsor. The event is super-charged by a panel of expert speakers and mentors including Dame DC Cordova, CEO of Excellerated Business Schools, Money & You Program; Raja Atmamayan, VP- Ascent Transformation Ventures; Dr.h.c.Vijayah Saraswathy, Founder of Godwin Academy; and popular South Indian actor turned Transformation Mentor Raja Krishnamoorthy, currently the Director & Consultant at Talent Maximus India Pvt.Ltd.

Azeeza, one of the chief mentors of Shine ADA says, “Global business education is in dire need of a radical transformation. The new focus should be on creating quality and globally sustainable business communities”.The event, unlike the plentifulrun-of-the-mill business networking eventsdotting the Startup and business entrepreneurship landscape in this part of the world, promises a slew of take-aways that will challenge and transform doing business in Asia. Successive sessions will enlighten partakers on Business Success Model, Conscious Leadership, Money Energy in Business, just to name a few. On a concluding note, the event pulls together business mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and trainers over for a networking spell augmenting the need for a redefined strategy and course for a sustainable global business model.