Team Mentagram has rolled out a campaign – #MENTAGRAMTHANKYOURBUDDY this Friendship Day, promising hope and change for the millions of ‘emotionally weary’ people across the world. What is this campaign all about? Will it help people receive high quality care, when and where they really need it? Join us as we catch up with Dr.Dhaval and Dr.Bhavy Mody of Team Mentagram.

What is the #MENTAGRAMTHANKYOURBUDDY campaign all about?

#MENTAGRAMTHANKYOURBUDDY is a bold initiative to help people become more proactive to mental health. Most of us go through ups and downs in life and yes, there are those friends who stand by us rock solid during those lows associated with stress and strain of life. It’s an initiative to help people first accept mental health, thank the one who stood by them, and pledge support to mental health by supporting a friend anonymously.


What led you to the idea of running the campaign?

Coming from the mental health fraternity and having realized the amount of taboo, stigma and myths surrounding mental health, we thought why not let people become aware that they had mental health issues and how their friends pulled them through. Also, there are those who despite having friends may require support — thus, this way supporting and providing assistance to those in need. At Mentagram, having committed to mental health and well-being— while people can pledge a small amount— we double it to ensure mental health services are not just made accessible and available, but acceptable to all.

How do you think the campaign can positively impact the emotionally weary?

Getting aware is the first step to finding a solution, accepting it is the next step, and approaching a mental health professional would ensure recovery to those going through emotional stress and strain of life.

What is the support role played by team Mentagram in alleviating mental and emotional issues?

With a comprehensive online and mobile platform, we are proud to have over 185 mental health professionals on-board to support people in all walks of life going through mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety and worry. With about 75 million people requiring mental health services in our country, we intend to create a platform to reach out to those who are geographically isolated, and also to those who refuse seeking help from a mental health professional.

How do you go about the consultation process?

It’s pretty simple both on the web as well the app:

Step 1: Search for a professional (psychologist/psychiatrist)

Step 2: Seek your convenient time and professionals’ availability

Step 3: Make payment and book your appointment

Step 4: At scheduled time, have facility for video/audio consultation

How do you think friends can play a part in helping one another when in distress?

Friends are the first line of defense. It’s easier to confide in friends– both for adolescents and adults. Friends can help by;

  • Listening patiently without being judgmental
  • Talking to fellow mates and being supportive
  • Reporting to family if a friend has been depressed and has troubling suicidal thoughts
  • Seeking assistance from a mental health professional in case there has been frequent absenteeism from college or office and dip in performance over a period of time

What is your targeted audience in the campaign?

Our target audience for this campaign is the adolescent and adult aged 18-45 years, though there is no age to thank a friend… anyone can do this.

How do you intend to reach them?

We are reaching out to colleges, corporate offices, especially those in IT and financial sector. Digital Media is a powerful source for such campaigns and we are making use of it to the fullest.

How can one sign up for the campaign? What are the steps required?

Step 1: Accept

Create a video accepting and sharing your difficult times, and how a buddy stood by you.

Step 2: Be Audacious

Dare to share this video on FB with #Mentagram and #Mentagram Thank Your Buddy and tag along all your friends you care about.

Add this text to your video

#‎mentagram, #‎MENTAGRAMTHANKYOURBUDDY. “This friendship month, I say no to stigma for mental health. I take this bold step of saying thank you to my friend for supporting me in times of distress. You too can thank your buddy, visit:, and in 4 simple steps destigmatize mental health. DO NOT HIT THE ‘LIKE’ BUTTON; JUST GO AHEAD CLICK THE LINK, AND PLEDGE SUPPORT TO MENTAL HEALTH”.

Step 3: Create Awareness

Visit Gift a consultation to a friend in need and pledge your support to expressing your solidarity to the emotional well-being of those you care for.

Step 4: Acknowledge

To support a friend or anonymously pledge support to someone in need of mental health support.

Tell us about the associates/partners involved in it?

The partners involved in the campaign include Catapooolt, The Mentorpreneurs, SearchnScore, By The Startups and Zoctr.

Do you intend to run the campaign again? What will be the motivating factor?

This is our first step to making people aware and help them accept mental health. We will be running many more events and campaigns of the same nature in the near future. Our commitment and vision to make mental health accessible, available and affordable to all is our sole motivation towards accomplishing our mission.