With the aim of advancing further on the path of holistic development, Oshikka Lumb established ’Markitiers’ – A Marketing and Management firm operating across multiple verticals.

 Pursuing her post-graduation from Lady Sri Ram College for Women (LSR), Oshikka wanted to create a platform suitable for young, innovative and creative minds and provide efficient services to individuals, startups and organisations. A startup aggregator, Markitiers,a marketing and management firm operating across multiple verticals.

The Power of Idea

Emphasizing on the importance of ‘Power of Idea’ Markitiers also works on bridging gaps between inception and implementation by providing relevant services to the concerned client. By creating a ‘startup friendly environment’, it plans on uniting and profiting them in the best possible way, while ensuring an efficient social network portal.  With the focus primarily on connecting the youth with brand, it plans to take up projects and campaigns which act as a mediator between the two.

Making a difference

Another major aspect covered by Markitiers is CSR and SSR. By undertaking social projects revolving around issues like child labour, poverty, unsafe transportation etc., it works on analyzing and uplifting the required sector. Stressing on the importance of ‘contribution’ instead of ‘competition’, their belief is, “Those who want to make a name they compete. Those who want to make a difference they contribute.” Therefore, through CSR activities, it provides an opportunity to the corporates to stay ahead of others in the marketing race.

I follow my gut more than anything’: Oshikka Lumb

Inspired by one of the most popular tech personality – Steve Jobs, who followed his ‘gut’ more than anything, Oshikka believes in following and chasing dreams. She reflects on his popular quote – “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Recently, Oshikka received the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ Award by the Entrepreneurship Cell of LSR. In context of her achievements, she said, “I am glad to see my efforts bearing good results. I would like to encourage all the aspiring young entrepreneurs to trust themselves, discover their ideas and explore their being.” By the year end, she plans to create a social network portal for all startups to ensure their efficient interaction in the market.