For first-time authors, to get their work published is a herculean task. Aarahan Publishers, which was established in 2016, aims to address this very issue by giving a launch-pad to budding authors and thereby,introducing readers to burgeoning new talents.

If you are an author seeking a publisher for your manuscript, Aarahan Publishers, based out of Pune,is here to pilot you during the entire process of publishing — from review to editing to design and printing.

Giving wings to new writing talents

Aarahan Publishers follows atalent-oriented approach. “If your piece of work is good, we believe you should not miss that opportunity to get it published,” says its founder Nirja Sharma. “We are on the lookout for people with a flair and passion for writing. Money, of course, flows as a side effect of good work. It is our passion to champion unheard voices and stories. We love to listen to the voices that are often silenced or that are unheard of owing to lack of opportunities, and provide them a platform to be heard,” she adds.

Assisting creative minds

Book rejection rate is quite high in India. While the quality of written work is the most common reason for rejection, yet another reason is too many submissions. “As a result, even talented new authorsfail to find a good publisher. At Aarahan, we want to make unheard voices heard.  If you have the talent, we will assist you in every way possible and provide you the opportunity to have your say. We will help you achieve your dream of getting published,” says Nirja and adds, “We are on the hunt for new writing talents to give them all the help during their writing journey.”

Focus on good writers

Today, most publishers focus on big author names and bestsellers, but Aarahan’s focus isnot on big names but good writers. “If writing is your forte, publishing is ours. At Aarahan, we give wings to new writing talents, aid them during their writing journey, and make them knownto the reading world,” she says.


“We follow a professional approach towards our work where you will never miss our personal touch,” says Nirja. If you have poured your heart out writing your masterpiece that no publisher has time to even look at, share your original creation with Aarahan. Our forte is the personal attention we give to all our writers during the entire process of publishing, says the founder.“We have a Royalty-based revenue model,” she says.

The road ahead

Nirja has big plans for her publishing house. She says, “I see      publishing at least 2 books a month in the years to come. As an approachable publisher, I see many authors coming to usas they would be comfortable and confident of their work reaching a wider reader base.” Get in touch with team Aarahan at