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Monica Rajiv Batra - DietPoint

Weight loss is a constant struggle for many, particularly in India. People buy weight loss programs, diet pills, slimming & weight loss belts, and what not. Unfortunately, by the end of the month they feel dejected that they had only lost money and not weight! Weight loss takes different times for different people. Monica Rajiv Batra had this point at the back of her mind when she founded DietPoint, based out of Mumbai.

“I believe in treating every customer with a tailored approach every time. That’s our mantra; DietPoint provides a one on one diet counseling for every individual keeping in mind his or her individual needs, be it weight gain or weight loss,” says Monica. She thus designed NO RIGID validity programs, people continue till they achieve the intended quantum of weight loss.

Monica adds, “It is a complete digital platform for all your nutrition needs from the convenience of your home, and just at the click of a mouse.”

Dietpoint, which is completely bootstrapped, caters to all client segments ranging from kids nutrition to senior citizens, and anyone to whom weight loss is the primary health and well-being goal.

Dietpoint’s unique selling points include connecting to its customers on a daily basis compared to dieticians sorting queries on a weekly basis, and next flexibility, as there’re no validity plans.

Monica concedes that she doesn’t have a proper marketing strategy in place nor able to reach the masses as compared to thousands of quacks practicing nutrition both offline and online taking people for a ride. Word-of-mouth has gone a long way in referring people to their services and still their most effective marketing platform.

Monica received the “Ideator Women” Award earlier this year.

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