Creating and building your shop online for free can be a great way to jump start your business and pull in customers in the virtual market space. Thanks to, which helps small businesses and even artisans to sell anything on the online marketplace. All one needs to do is sign up, create a shop and start selling on Interestingly, the online marketplace has attracted a wider member base in India. “Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to earn a living and make money online despite whatever economical situation they may be in,” says Alice Taylor, country manager, English speaking markets,

Getting started was conceived by three friends Julia Emmert, Ossian Vogel and Frank De Vries – in Spain during the economic crisis in Europe in 2013. They felt that many small businesses are struggling during the economic crisis and the only way to get them going is to go online. “Many companies had started closing down or thinking about new ways to keep going. One of the main ways to survive was to start selling online. However, it was hard stuff without the right resources, time or money. And rightly so, we decided to solve this problem with,” says Alice.

Target audience

Ezebee’s target audience is anyone who has a company, a product or a service to sell. “We are global and have thousands of users worldwide. At the moment we are pretty much focused on India,” she says.

Product line & USP

At you can open a shop for free, and that is what differentiates the company from other service providers. “We do not charge fees or commissions. Also, we have our own internal credit system, which enables people to trade online safely and without the use of real money,” explains Alice.

Start business from scratch

Ezebee helps those who may not have the technical expertise to build their own website or market their business from scratch. “Selling on a marketplace means the SEO process is already in place and we help those who want to grow their business online,” says Alice.

Team Ezebee

Apart from the three founders, consists of a crop of developers and a marketing team. There are country managers for the English, Spanish and German speaking markets.


Competitive advantage

According to Alice, the biggest advantage is that anyone can use “That includes even our ‘competitors’. In fact, we don’t see them as our competitors as we can also help them to sell more by pinning their products to our website and giving them traffic directly from People can simply use us as a product search engine and they receive a high amount of traffic too. This way everyone wins,” she says.

Buying and selling a cinch

Alice goes on to say that the best feature on is their import and pin function. “These functions enable anyone selling on another website to quickly import that product using the URL within seconds! To pin a product is to direct it to the original website, and to import means it can be sold directly on The benefit of importing is that the offers will appear higher in the marketplace, above pins.”

The road ahead

Ezebee wants to expand rapidly in India and help those who cannot make money from their usual business by doing it globally on “We also want to focus further in our home, Mallorca, and help the locals out there to get their products sold online and promote their companies.” Ezebee has started to do more online marketing for other companies as well.

Website: Ezebee

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