infinenet_logoA report on the website of states that the global direct selling industry generated a total of about $182.56 billion in 2016. According to WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations), the global sales volume for 2016 was reported as $183 billion and the number of direct sellers to be 107 million. The report also indicates that the direct selling industry’s sales volume surged by 1.9% in 2016. Perhaps, this must have been at the back of their minds when Darshan, an alumnus of SIT Tumkur and Suresh Kumar Nararayan, an alumnus of CIT Gubbi, founded ‘Infinenet’ in 2017.

Infine Idea Technologies is a Bengaluru-based startup platform for direct selling companies offering meaningful products and services. “Our basis is to provide opportunity and access to value added business to individuals,” says Darshan, a seasoned techie.

“We help advance trade and contribute to the economy by promoting alternative sources of income, self-employment, self-sufficiency, the setting up of micro-enterprises, and entrepreneurship. Thanks to the staggering digital growth and disruption in eCommerce space over the past few years,” adds Suresh Kumar Nararayan, another techie with solid experience in direct selling industry.

It didn’t take long for the founder duo to realize that the Indian tourism and hospitality industry is one of the key growth drivers among the services sector in the country. The Indian government too has been taking some positive steps towards making India a global tourism hub. If a report by the ‘India Brand Equity Foundation’ (IBEF), an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, is anything to go by, the direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP is expected to reach USD 147.96 billion by 2027.The startup, as of now, is focussed only on holiday products for domestic and international travellers, but is working to bring in technologies and health care products into its service fold.

 The platform achieves its sales through eCommerce and direct selling. “We strongly believe in word-of-mouth marketing that makes us unique, as we appreciate the fact that customers choose real time experience over TV ads or deceptive marketing,” says Darshan. Infine Idea offers equal and flexible income opportunity cutting across genders, age, experience levels and social strata. The startup’s futuristic virtual office concept enables one to actively work from remote locations, and does not carry high investment tag. “Anybody can become a direct seller in our platform by venturing as a part-time activity and turning it into a full time job, depending on the time and commitment involved. It’s a unique alternative to traditional employment modes,” adds Suresh.

Darshan says, “Our customers aren’t affected with the inflation of prices in hotel costs, as the packages we offer are valid from 8 months to 3 years. They will also be provided with an option to book their accommodation within the validity period.”

As for its USP, the platform drives network marketing through direct selling with host of custom features such as Data analytics, Tracking, Performance analysis, Finance modelling and so on. The startup views budget for manpower operations, training and education as a potential risk factor.

“We are projecting revenue growth of around 3.5 crores, 6.2 crores and 8.9 crores in the first, second and third year respectively,” says the ebullient founder duo.

Website:  Infinenet

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