This week we present you an entrepreneurial fairy tale – but not any run-of-the-mill tale – this is as inspiring as it gets. Imagine a promising startup emerging out of nothingness from the small town of Palakkad, the gateway to ‘God’s own country’, Kerala at the foot hills of Western Ghats. Meet Anitha Senthil, founder and CEO of Keyways Edu Services, whose story is a stark reminder of the popular Hindi cliche ‘Chota Shaher Badi Kahani’. Founded in 2013, Keyways Edu Services is an education centered website that offers students with assistance intutoring and assignment completion.

Anitha Senthil Founder & CEO Keyways Edu Services

The Inception:

Having completed her schooling in Palakkad and in the entrepreneurial city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu for a brief period, she started working with the BPO sector. “As a 20 year old girl without my parents, I struggled a lot to find my way in life after post-graduation”, says Anitha. “My family, a lower middle class family, has given me all the support and latitude to spread open my wings”, adds Anitha. “I left my BPO job and started searching for a job at my place and managed to get one, but I wasn’t content with it and decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Reading Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s book ‘Wings of Fire’ had a good effect on me. This was when I started believing in my abilities; thanks to my best friend’s advice on entrepreneurship, I made up my mind to test the waters in the online academic space”, recalls Anitha.

A brief stint as a freelance content producer gave her the much needed confidence and impetus to further her plans of developing and, both academic product websites, aimed towards offering quality and affordable tutoring packages, thereby helping both tutors as well as students to earn and learn at the same time., a vast repository of essay samples, helps in penning academic papers., established in 2012,is an entirely different platform that offers professional tutoring with a huge collection of study materials.She knew, from her in-depth market research and competitor analysis, the nuances of running a business online. Thus, Keyways Edu Services was born with and as its core product suite.

What is it all about?

Keyways Edu Services, currently operating from Kochi (Cochin), targets both tutors and students online, whereby the tutors are rewarded with job opportunity and the students get the most out of their tutoring sessions. With students looking to complete their assignments in a professional and fast manner, the site became an instant hit with them. The USP of the service is built on their offering the right source of information to students, with enhanced on-site search capabilities. A strong sense of women’s empowerment is promulgated when Anitha says that there are many stay-at-home moms who were greatly benefited by her initiative. A young team of three full-time staff and freelance writers gives Anitha more flex in her work life.Further, networking with local startup communities and organizations has emboldened her to develop a leadership style.

A strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign has been a crucial component of her company’s growth and one of the primary ways it has managed to augment its subscriber base.The website has also undergone re-engineering in recent times with a strong thrust on social media features. The firm, as of now, is completely bootstrapped, but is open to investment options.

So, what next?

Anitha’s marriage hasn’t changed her life a wee bit because she has a “fiercely independent” spirit. A mom of a toddler, she says that her husband is pivotal to having a stable environment to let her work on her daily goals.The advancement of E-learning & E-tutoring technology can only help but push further the prospects of Keyways Edu Services establishing itself as a major player in this domain.

‘To help others achieve their dreams in order to achieve mine’ is a philosophy ingrained in the way she conducts her business and not a mere after thought. Anitha hopes to attract local talents, including single mothers, home makers and underprivileged women and create a healthy working environment. ‘Love it, dream for it and work for it, and you will be there one day’, says a buoyant Anitha, and so be it.