According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the global clinical nutrition market is slated to reach USD 51,174 million by the year 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.82% during the forecast period from 2016 to 2021. In India, the market, at present, is estimated at INR 490 billion, of which wellness service sector contributes roughly 40 percent. In spite of the staggering numbers, the growing Indian populace is left to denial when it comes to making use of the available resources.

The Inception

To bridge the widening gap between the nutrition industry and consumers, two bright entrepreneurial minds: Arun Hirehal, technocrat with a decade experience in Semiconductor & IT Industry and Sindhu Naik, an MBA graduate from IIM Ranchi specialized in HR & Digital Marketing with banking experience of more than 3 years, founded Market Nutrition to connect professionals, institutes/organizations, training academia, products, suppliers, sellers/re-sellers in nutrition,organics,fitness & personal care products by developing a dedicated marketing platform for promotion, branding and selling. The platform, that has been bootstrapped, is ably supported by its dedicated team members including Gokulnath, Nimesh Yuvaraj and Saravanan.

Dedicated platform for Nutrition, Fitness, Organics and Personal Care

“Market Nutrition, is a dedicated platform for nutrition, fitness, organics and personal care. Our experience in recovering from illness achieved through proper food choices and improved physical fitness helped us develop the platform,” says Sindhu, co-founder of the platform that is based in Bengaluru. Appreciated by over 70 partners in India and worldwide, it boasts itself as the first entity to promote and market its selected niche on YouTube channels and videos globally.

“We believe fitness should start at an early age to help ensure a healthy lifestyle through the years,” says Arun, founder of Market Nutrition. The platform, considered one of its kind in the country and globally, therefore, pays attention to the promotion of good health starting from early adulthood age of 15 to old age.

Single-point solution to customers

The platform is built with marketing and selling tools for its partners, with a single point solution to customers. Market Nutrition offers users easy access, information and augmented reach of products and resources. Sindhu adds,” The platform supports both B2B as well as B2C businesses with various value added integrated services in nutrition, fitness, organics and personal care domains. Selection of information and access to it intersect at a common point offering greater choices to users, there by bringing value and educating users on the pertinence of a healthy lifestyle.”

Market Nutrition enjoys high Google Video & YouTube search rankings (global) for more than 20 search keywords including India Nutrition Market,Nutrition Market,India Fitness Market, etc.

The road ahead

The revenue model of the Startup, as of now, is subscription-and listing-based pricing. “In the next five years, we see ourselves operating globally,as we strive earnestly to connect, market and sell products, solutions and ideas in our chosen domain of preventive healthcare,” concludes Sindhu. Get in touch with team Market Nutrition at or

Website: Market Nutrition

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