The global market for self-paced e-learning reached $35.6 billion in 2011. The five-year compound annual growth rate is expected to grow around 7.6%, and this means revenues should reach some $51.5 billion by 2016. Riding the wave of the significantly high growth rates is MemberHub, a product of Chennai-based Jargon Handlers Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MemberHub is a SaaS platform-based tool that offer membership courses online. Sounds like old wine in a new bottle ? Certainly not ! MemberHub allows you not only to design courses, but also has in-built features to market them online.

“If you have any course to offer, you’ve come to the right place,” says its Chennai-based founder Karthik Ramani. He adds, “The course can be split into various modules with role-based access to the end-customers. For example, the membership portal owner can have different accesses like basic, pro and the likes.”

Why MemberHub?

The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” could not be more appropriate for conceiving the startup idea of MemberHub. Karthik says, “We researched the market and realized that there were two problems with almost all membership websites : high cost and cumbersome procedure to design the course. Therefore, we set out to design a tool that will address both these issues.” Chad Nicely, a US based entrepreneur and co-founder of MemberHub adds, “We have been beta testing this product with a group of 200 people who have been instrumental in providing practical suggestions to make the tool more powerful and usable”.

What are the features of the platform?

“Designing a website with us is stupid-simple and no form of technical skill-set or know-how is required,” says Karthik. Built with the ability to add ad banners to promote one’s own or other products, MemberHub comes with a built-in sales page that is automatically generated based on the inputs provided when creating the course, and no additional work on the user’s end is required. This feature enables one to monetize on the existing customer list. Furthermore, users or customers do not need a domain to host the membership, thanks to the SaaS platform that is accessible from a range of devices. A built-in gamification module and chat boxes inside each of the modules enable interactions, thereby keeping the members thoroughly engaged.

An integrated affiliate platform enables the members to act as representatives of the tool and promote it, as they get paid a commission for every sale made. MemberHub, scheduled to be launched on the 24th of August, supports all major payment gateways on its platform. Karthik adds : “A completely customizable, pay as you go model with a premium support team makes us one of its kind”.

The road ahead

Team MemberHub has planned to do a limited launch where they offer the tool at a one-time cost of $297. Post the launch period, the product will undergo a radical change to a subscription model priced at $197 per annum.

“Whether we call it ‘the greatest membership platform or ‘the most stupid-simple membership platform ever created’,  we aim at developing solutions that address specific pain points for SMEs and help assist them to succeed in the online space,” concludes a beaming Karthik. Get in touch with team MemberHub at

Website: MemberHub