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You would most likely call a friend or hit Google, when you are in dire need of a car service station or repair shop. How cool would it be when all the info you need regarding car servicing and car aftermarket rests right in the palm of your hand. Rakesh K. Sidana, the founder of MeriCAR.com has made this a practical reality with MeriCAR, a state-of-the-art mobile app that offers a comprehensive suite of web based assistance tools with car servicing and repairs.

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, Rakesh is no newbie. He boasts of a long tryst with entrepreneurship; thanks to his stints with Web technology in the year 1995, when Internet was still unheard of by the general populace of the country. ‘My passion and grit to deploy technology to better the lives of Indians is what inspired me to turn an entrepreneur’, confides Rakesh.

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Rakesh’s years of experience as consultant working with international clients introduced him to the infantile car aftermarket in India. He says, “I saw an enormous potential for car aftermarket in India, which was still an unorganized market. I decided to tap the market that seems to open up a myriad of opportunities and make the whole process of booking a car service an easy affair.” This eventually led to the birth of MeriCAR.com in 2008.


MeriCAR is India’s first web based portal & Mobile App that allows car owners to book their car services online. With lack of time and patience to book appointments with car servicing or car repair personnel’s, getting things done without any hassle and in the luxury of your home is the need of the hour. MeriCAR’s distinct business model answers all those and more with personalized assistance and support to car owners.

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MeriCAR.com helps make your search for car service a cinch. Car owners constantly face a lot of trepidations and snags in their hunt to find the nearest car service station. MeriCAR has successfully built a multi-brand car servicing concept in the country. They help car owners connect with the nearest service centres in any given geographic location.

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The app employsWeb and Mobile technology to aid car owners to make advanced online booking to service their cars. The venture, in addition, to providing users with the best car workshop and service station options, also helps promote local workshops. MeriCAR.com strives to be the one-stop personalized window for all car aftermarket needs. The Android app allows users to search for car service and repair shop around 20kms of vicinity using the GPS map. Besides, it also offers users with round-the-clock roadside emergency assistance, in case of car breakdown. The roadside assistance service encompasses a vast network of car mechanics across the length and breadth of the country. The 24×7 helpline for road assistance service is managed by AXA assistance that has its presence in over 20 countries around the globe

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MeriCAR’s re-launch was centred on total car care service with integration of new sections and enhancement of existing features.With ‘Ask The Expert’ section to help Car owners in its kitty, MeriCAR.com unveiled its ‘Deal’ section for consumers for buying car care products deals online and Consumer Complaints & Reviews for car workshops in India.With its search directory in place,searching for any car workshop or car servicing booking online is child’s play. MeriCAR.com has a lot of ‘firsts’ to its name including free SMS Alerts and Reminder for Car Servicing viz. its MCSR software and Doorstep Car Services in New Delhi & NCR. Seed firm ‘My First Cheque’ signed their first investment deal with MeriCAR.com in 2010.

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MeriCAR.com was amongst the finalists for the 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award and made its way to the final of ‘The Power of Ideas 2010’, an Initiative of The Economic Times. It was also nominated for TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards. MeriCAR’s Campaign “Celebrating Independence Day” received overwhelming response from its customers.

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“I want to see MeriCAR running in every city”, says Rakesh, also an author of a motivational book “I want to fly, where are my wings”. The company is already operating in 35 cities, helping groom new entrepreneurs in the process. Their ‘My Dream, My City’ initiative has created a wide field of opportunities and built a large network of entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Its initiative empowers ordinary people to become partners with MeriCAR. The potential partners do not require any prior experience in the automotive industry, as MeriCAR provides the necessary training material and manual required online and runs the project with minimum admin interference. In return, the partnership is helping the venture break boundaries with access to newer cities.


Moving ahead, MeriCAR which currently partners with 50 entrepreneurs partners and direct sales agent across India, dreams to bring 10000 verified car garages by the end of the year. MeriCAR also intends to enhance its mobile app with fresh features including customer reviews and ratings that would augment user experience. MeriCAR is also in the process of introducing the iOS version of the app. They are already using Paytm, the payment gateway biggie, for integrating their service with the MeriCAR app. Its ambitious plan also includes offering more to the users by rolling out added discounts and establishing tracking features.

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