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The beginning:

When Santhana Prakash, a coder and techie working at an IT firm in Coimbatore, was toying around the idea of starting a night eatery with home delivery, he became a subject of laughing stock among his colleagues. It took some convincing to pull in co-founder Ram (as Ramakrishnan is known) and that’s it, Night Food was born with a ‘night-only’ home food delivery model. Night Food drives through the narrow lanes and streets of Coimbatore city in the dead of the night.

Not too many cooks (to spoil the broth):

Mahalingam, founder of an animated video firm – Visual Birds, was quick to join the founder duo as one of the partners of the food startup. He says, “I found the startup idea exciting as I’ve gone through the ordeal of staying hungry when I had to work overnight and worse, there were no options at the odd hours of the night than to quiet those hunger calls.”  The food startup (at the time of writing) covers the outskirts of the city such as Saravanampatti, Thudiyalur, Rathinam Technopark, in addition to delivering food to all the main areas.

NightFood Coimbatore_Team


The delivery is manned by Mahalingam, Ram and Santhana Prakash, while ten people, mostly friends, work with Night Food. Mahalingam takes care of the marketing operation including digital marketing and branding, as chunk of the food orders come online.

“Our typical work shift is from 7pm to 4am. We have three full-time chefs who start the preparation work around 6pm and call it a day around 4 or 4:30am depending upon order flow,” says Ram.  He adds,” Our delivery service is pretty much active as we strive to deliver warm food time and time again.”

Their customer segment include not just IT employees, freelancers who burn the midnight oil or lazy- to-cook homemakers, but also foodies who experiment food trying new eateries around the city. “Our customers love our signature chicken biryani, spicy chicken-stuffed & mutton-stuffed dosa and traditional-style mutton nalli”, says Prakash . Mahalingam joins, “Our rich-fruit payasam (Tamil for ‘vermicelli’), prepared using five different fruits, is really the icing on the cake.”

The road ahead:

With the kind of positive response the team have had over the months, it aspires to commence its day time delivery soon.

Website:  Night Food Coimbatore