Companies world over, irrespective of the size and industrial type, are looking to optimize and lower travel business costs. This is no quick fix solution or gimmick – you read that right. This begs the question…how and where do one start to tighten the screws? Manual processing and copious paper receipts won’t do the trick; they are both tedious and taxing.  Welcome to the world of cloud-based travel automation.

The beginning

Tripeur, Bengaluru-based travel management App, was developed in 2015 by Rajagopalan and Sajit Chacko. The app is aimed at offering the following travel management solutions for the corporates: raising a trip request, getting the required approvals, booking hotels and understanding the defined business travel policy.  Sajit says, ‘Tripeur helps ascertain the value proposition of every business travel that an employee makes as part of a company’s objective. If you are a business owner or CFO, you can easily understand where and how the money is spent on travel and ways you can optimise the travel spend.’

What do companies gain with Tripeur?

Businesses, all over the world, want to bring in process efficiency in their business travel management, but few succeed in doing so. Tripeur first enables a company to form its travel policy and integrate it onto the app. The app can monitor whether the policy is really efficient or not and whether employees comply with the travel policies. This is done by establishing the required controls for administrators and managers involved. If the travel policy is found to be inefficient, business owners can readily make tweaks to it to make it very effective.

Tripeur is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based engine that helps companies to partner with travel service providers, tour operators, suppliers and vendors that offer better negotiated deals & rates, best discount offers and discounts.

Tripeur covers the entire lifecycle of corporate travel booking: Employees can raise travel requests, seek travel plan approvals and deviation approvals. They can create the itinerary with grade & policy based options, covering all travel modes. Ticketing can be done after getting the best deal among multiple vendors.  As for the expense reimbursement, CFOs can create expense reports based on entitlement. Employees receive alert in case of spend deviation, and post-travel audit done can show correctly whether employees had complied with the travel policies or not.

Rajagopalan, one of its founders, says, ‘Tripeur is unique because of the various features that stand out among the many travel apps available in the market place such as corporate travel policy, self-booking tool, integrated trip approval, integrated expense management, travel analytics, employee tracker, integration with HRMS & Finance ERP, Mobile & Web enabled platforms, support for negotiated rates and access to multiple backend providers.’

Travel Data Analytics

Travel Analytics can throw more light on real-time data and allow travel managers, CFOs or business managers to make well-informed decisions, thereby reducing overall business costs and administrative time.


‘With Tripeur, transactions are completely charged free and corporate travel is subscription-based. Companies using Tripeur have improved man-hour efficiency by almost 30%, travel data insights by over 50%, cost saving opportunity by 30% and overall cost saving opportunity of about 20%’, adds Sajit. Get in touch with team Tripeur at .

Website: Tripeur

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