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If you think you have the talent, gumption and what all it takes to make it big in the fashion space, then look no further than Pookaari, a platform for talented emerging and well-known fashion designers. Pookaari, based in Coimbatore, one of India’s finest industrial cities but less known for ‘hi-end fashion culture’, is a meticulously curated designer fashion platform that brings together local and global fashion designers all in one space.

How it all started
Pookaari was started by Shrivyshnavi Annush, a software engineer-turned-fashionista and entrepreneur, when she realized that the city is bereft of access to curated handpicked, exclusive fashion accessories available at one place in bigger Indian cities.  The idea just got bigger when her friends in business and social network, who were avid accessories shoppers, mimicked her thoughts. Vyshnavi had toyed with the idea of launching an exclusive online accessories portal long until she decided to give it a go and, Poorkari was born.

Vyshnavi, the founder of Pookaari, believes that the city of Coimbatore has a great penchant for fashion, and women here know what exactly they want to buy. Pookaari is an organized and coordinated effort to bring both designers and their fashion creations under a single roof. This means its clients and customers can interact directly with the designers themselves before they go on to buy products. Order customization with Pookaari is a ‘cinch’ and the clients go through the full retail experience.

Pookaari has a growing collection of fashion accessories. She says, ‘What goes through at Pookaari is a careful selection of fashion designers that display their fashion wares. We help them increase their presence, enhance brand visibility, establish credible fashion enterprises and connect with new customers and fashionistas.

The road ahead
Currently, several popular fashion brands sported by Bollywood celebrities such as Masaba Shivan and Naresh have signed up with Pookaari and it expects more global brands to follow suit. Today, it has grown exponentially with the help of social media and its loyal customer base. ‘A lot of customers ask me to bring home a brand or designer they love, know or had seen somewhere else. This, to me, is the real hallmark of our success. Fashion lovers in Coimbatore want to be a part of the fashion event shows we curate.’ she asserts.

Website:   Pookaari

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