1. Tell us a bit about your brand/company?
Sentri is a one-stop solution to monitor any financial / ERP applications from a financial fraud or access governance perspective. In addition, Sentri can automate employee on-boarding and off-boarding activities, thus helping enterprises to stay compliant for all financial compliances like SoX, etc.

2. What inspired the creation of your brand/company?
With an enriching experience of Big4 audit firm and implementation spanning over a period of more than 15 years, Sentri realizes the challenges of manual controls for business and technical functions across tech start-ups and leading public corporations. We saw an industry-wide requirement of automation of internal controls and compliance policies; which is what motivated us to start Sentri.

3. What is your target audience and why?
Sentri understands the difficulties that businesses have to face in order to keep their confidential data secure across applications present on Cloud and On-premise. We realise that although the business owners wish to provide maximum freedom for their employees, they are also worried about their data being secure, irrespective of any system being used. Hence, any enterprise, no matter how small or big, who are looking for access governance and identity management solutions is our target audience.

4. What is unique about your company and tell us a bit about your product line?
Sentri offers a wide range of products across infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Active Directory, Office365), Application (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics), ERP (Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, Workday, Netsuite, JD Edwards), and Database (Microsoft). Each of our products offers customizable functionalities such as SOD Monitoring, Access Violation Manager, Access Provisioning, Self-Service Access, Access Certification, and License Audit. We have built our products keeping in mind the needs of our clients, which make them more personalized, unique and user-friendly.

5. What problem does your company solve?
Data breaches, financial fraud, confidential data thefts, identity misuse, inadequate security policies in place, and access violations are the industry-wide challenges associated with security and compliance that Sentri solutions cater to.

6. What is your greatest competitive advantage?
Sentri offers its customers a unique product feature that we call as the “Access Violation Manager (AVM)”. It uses proprietary algorithm with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence specifically “Outlier Detection” technique which skims through all the business transactions and identifies the transactions where a user may have violated a business Segregation of Duty (SOD) rule. AVM enforces security and compliance policies across the systems and applications without the need for SOD security design or stringent access assignments for the users.

7. What outsiders have been most important to your business (e.g. Mentors, bankers etc.)?
Admin Professionals, Auditors, and Security Admins

8. What has been the primary source of funding for the start-up costs?
As of now its seed funding, we are investing our life saving towards this. We are planning for bootstrapping instead of any VC funding at this point of time.

9. Where do you see yourself and your venture, say 5 years from now?
We want to be one of the leading solution providers in Identity and Access governance space, which helps us partially remove corruption from the private and public sector.

Website: Sentri