Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves: our conventional education system does not provide the foundation of wings it claims to deliver to the students. Imagine a school that equips students to be life-ready, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? That’s exactly what Summit 7D is striving to achieve.

The Inception

Reni Auxilia, the founder and CEO of Summit 7D has amassed over 15 years of experience in education and life insurance. Her experience in the education field combined with her degree in Psychology, Entrepreneurship and Event Management gave her the wings to make a difference. She relinquished her high-flying job in HSBC and embarked on her venture‘Summit 7D’. Reni says, “The conventional teaching method is not a credible and holistic approach to get the students ready for the outside world. They seldom bring the best out of students.” She adds, “Moreover, students with special needs like ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other learning disabilities need singular attention and training, in addition to mainstream school education.” This led to the birth of Summit 7D. Malathi Rajaram,with a Montessori Directorship authorized by the UK and South Africa under her belt, pitched in as its Managing Partner. She hails from Singapore and holds a higher diploma in TOEFL. She is also a Korean translator for NTV7, besides being a certified Soft skill trainer at Malaysia.

Reni Auxilia - Founder & CEO

Reni Auxilia – Founder & CEO

Malathi Rajaram - Managing Partner

Malathi Rajaram – Managing Partner

Summit 7D is India’s first complete seven dimensional approach that aims to make a school, a ‘world-class’ learning and development centre. The venture, set up in 2012 in the state of TamilNadu, encourages schools to adopt the unique seven dimensional teaching approach that is aimed at transforming students into life ready individuals. The venture, as of now, is self-funded.

The Summit 7D Approach

Summit 7D adopts a robust approach: It retains the best of traditional education system and brings in state-of-the-art techniques on a par with current needs. It is essentially a ‘Gurukul’ System with a modern approach. Hence, Summit 7D approach goes beyond idly thrusting knowledge in students. The educational approach involves a set of novel techniques and practises: MI assessment, memory training, life and social skill training, getting the students ready to take on social responsibility and career planning,right from standard 6th onwards.

Summit ‘Seven Dimensional’ approach ultimately aims to assist students through their school life to equip them for the requirements of an ever changing twenty first century. The educational approach trains the school management and teachers, thus preparing them to assist students. “The outdated learning and teaching methodology commonly employed in schools gives us a huge avenue to deploy our approach”, says Reni.

Summit 7D survives early hiccups

It has not been a smooth ride for the team; they have faced their own set of challenges over the years. Reni admits: “Many schools look to tie-up with established brands. They are hesitant to adopt our concept primarily because we are not a widely known brand yet. In some instances, schools haven’t released payment for our trainings and transformation even after a year of service.”

The future

The evolution of smart classrooms has invariably brought visible changes in the mindset of schools. Today, there are an increasing number of schools that are open to adapt to Summit 7D. The venture has bagged the best achievement award from National Foundation of Entrepreneurship Development (NFED). “We intend to transform our venture into a national level Faculty Empowerment company where we create a complete revolution in teaching methods; that’s our five year plan”, signs off Reni. Get in touch with Team Summit 7D at ceo@s7d.in

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