“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.”

― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

And one couldn’t agree more than tossing in a surprise element to his or her gift giving. Even if you do fail,‘Surprise Someone’, a surprise gifting platform, would add that uncanny twist in the tale! Surprise Someone was conceived and developed by Pinky Maheshwari, a corporate executive turned Entrepreneur, with loads of experience working in the world’s largest ad agency. ‘One of the most significant persons entered my life, and that’s when I decided to say ta-ta to my full time job, be with my baby boy, and become a Momprenuer and the result —‘Surprise Someone’ was born,’ says Pinky.

The Inception

While Pinky’s mom Sharda Daga, its co-founder, travels across the length and breadth of the country to draw out the best available talents, working as craftsmen and artisans, for them, Pinky manages the idea flow and execution of plans, being the face of the Startup.‘I and my mom—the perfect duo, as we call ourselves, started ‘Surprise Someone’ last year with almost zero investment under our belt. It is great to have your better half’s backing, and with your in-laws standing tall like a fortress. The road wasn’t easy though, it took some time to develop the required business perspicacity with my mother, and that’s when it actually saw the light at the end of the tunnel,’ adds Pinky.

The duo managed to do things on their own and grabbed a few orders of surprises from their kith and kin, considered first customers for any startup. Today, with enough money to juggle things around and keep them in motion, Pinky believes in keeping their team beaming and delighted.

What is it all about?

Surprise-SomeoneSurprise Someone offers an array of unique artefacts. Each piece has a lot of thought behind it and that’s what makes it the perfect gift, ranging from customized cake box, love gifts, surprise box, handmade lamps, love frames, musical themed gift, wish box, multi utility folding box, Tic Tac Toe, etc.

Pinky readily quotes Pierre Cornielle -“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift”. ‘It’s sure to bring the delight, the joy of getting something so thoughtful and unique. It will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your loved ones because after all what more does anyone want from life, than knowing that someone cares enough for you to keep you in their thoughts, and to show you that by buying different and thoughtful gifts,’ adds Pinky. This to her is the underlying thought Surprise Someone has behind each customized artefact and rightly so, her team goes the extra mile in getting it right for customers.

Giving an opportunity to India’s finest artists

Every product of Surprise Someone offers a contemporary take on traditional gifting ideas by integrating Indian art to it. The idea is to add fun to traditional aesthetics and modern tinge to ethnic gifts. In the epoch of digital textuality and technology, their handmade gifts present a mix of modern and classic panache.
‘We are giving opportunity to India’s finest artists who hitherto were deprived of space to exhibit their talent. The moment I go and brief them on a new concept and ask them to make multiple pieces, I can see the joy in them for getting started and putting their creative canvas to good effect. There are few artists whose entire family is into this,’ says an elated Pinky.


Money just isn’t all!

“The unending chase for money or earn profits, I believe, threatens to steal our efforts itself. We have
zero bad debts and zero debtors even if we offer or sell bulk orders on credit or with 50% advance pay. Our clients pay us out regularly without my having to follow them through, and so do we with our artists, craftsmen and other team members,” says Pinky, a strong believer of Pranic Healing techniques, energies and Aura.

What’s in for surprise?

Team Surprise Someone is soon commencing its in-flight surprises where one can surprise his or her dear ones in the journey by air and not just when love is in the air, but while you watch movies, and on top of it, also while you dine in by manufacturing personalized menu cards out of nowhere. The mother-daughter duo also helps HIV positive and underprivileged kids by training them to create handmade paper bags, which in turn helps them earn their own livelihood.

“These days we have forgotten to express our gratitude to people, people who do even their tiniest wee bit for us. Words like “Thank you”, “Sorry” have lost form and soul, be it with parents, your beloved, your doctor, your teachers and anyone else who does anything in our life, significant or least trivial. What we actually forget is that even a small thing can make someone feel special… Surprise Someone is that minuscule of an effort in that direction, concludes Pinky. Get in touch with team Surprise Someone at pinky@surprisesomeone.in

Website: Surprise Someone

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