Global Tea market was valued at $46,392 million in 2016, and is projected to touch $67,751 million by the year 2023, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2023. According to a report by Zenith Global, the RTD (Ready-to-Drink) Tea Market is estimated to be growing faster than Soda, and has been thus for the last five years. Global consumption of RTD tea is expected to exceed 45 billion litres by 2021, with the Asia-Pacific region leading the sales in this segment.

A lot of ‘chai’ (Hindi for ‘tea’) startups have been brewing success in the recent years, some bootstrapped and a few funded. There, evidently, has been a huge consumption space waiting to be filled up (with tea, coffee and other beverage drinks, of course). And these startups made no mistake for they were well paid for their services (both literally and figuratively). Joining the party is Teasugar, a Bengaluru-based Startup, that doesn’t stop with just selling premium tea, but developed an integrated store portal to explore different varieties of coffee, sugar, natural sweeteners and snacks to tingle the taste buds of tea & coffee connoisseurs and fitness conscious in the region.

A fresh cuppa of joy:


The founders (aka tea masters) of the portal are Arun S Hirehal, a technocrat and entrepreneur, from Hirehal village of Ron taluk and Sangamesh Mantur, an Electrical Engineer, from Malali village of Mudhol Taluk, both hailing from the state of Karnataka.  Arun says, “I started experimenting with the benefits of Green tea and other tea types that helped me recover from migraine and manage work stress; Teasugar was the result of my everyday sensory experiences.” Arun spotted the opportunity of formally creating the platform when he found that the local areas desperately ran out of some particular brands of tea. Arun adds,”As part of our market research experience, we couldn’t find a single retail unit, let alone shops, with all brands of tea under one roof.”

The duo’s portal helps customers and users check and compare prices and find the best available options online. One can find all the prominent brands, and different flavours and types of tea, coffee, sugar & sweeteners, and healthy drinks.  A recent addition to the online store has been breakfasts & snacks including flacks, cookies, protein bars, biscuits and rusks. A lot of brands including Warbler, Inner being, Fit-O-Slim, Sunrise , Cerovia (Stevia world agrotech), Happi Millet, Granoss, Snack experts, Kiru (Millet snacks), Wild Kaapi, Buddies Cafe, Naturell, Areca tea, Best Source Nutrition tea, et al have joined the platform.

Team Teasugar’s Yusuf and Sindhu Naik, an IIM Ranchi graduate, have been influential in putting instant smiles on their customers’ faces. Their relentless focus on offering customers a user-centric website, seamless shopping experience, in addition to attractive combo packs, instant tea stores, discounts and special offers on display, gives Teasugar a distinct edge over competition.

What’s brewing?

A buoyant Sangamesh says, “We are looking forward to a strong pan India market presence and establish ourselves as a highly sought-after store for the international market. As a first in India, we are all set to roll out tea & coffee bar for home & office. This, we believe, is an exciting proposition where users get to taste flavours of multiple tea and coffee brands; interestingly, they pay for only what they use. We take pride in the fact that we are the first to offer customers the choice to buy a single sachet of their choice. Also in the offing is the launch of our first cafe & stores.”

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