Have you been on the lookout for reliable English – Tamil & Tamil – English dictionary online? Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary Online, a mobile app developed by Wordsmith Learning Hub Pte Ltd, features over 5,00,000 word entries in Tamil.

Tamil is one of the most widely spoken languages in several countries including India, Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore. In India alone, it is spoken widely in the Southern state of TamilNadu, and Union Territory of Pondicherry, besides Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telegana, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and is one of the officially recognised languages in India as well as in Singapore and Malaysia.

The app comes as a panacea for people having difficulty learning Tamil, considered one of the most ancient languages and one of the world’s classical languages. Though the language is spoken by 74 million people across the world, there aren’t many decent apps for learning this language online. The app, available in iOS and Android, is a two-way dictionary: English – Tamil and Tamil – English. There is an advanced spell check feature, in case you misspell the word. The correct pronunciation is an added advantage. One needn’t enter the full word every time – the app’s auto suggestion feature does the job for you.

There is something for every Tamil learner in this App, whether you are a learner just starting out, academician, professional or even a linguist. The App’s User Interface (UI) is professionally and intuitively designed. The app features a structured layout, clear screen, simple navigation, clutter-free design with other app standards. The built-in navigation helps you search for any word in a flash.

Also, the app helps you save words for study plan. Instant prefix format helps you automatically filter and display the search results. This means you can type in any word, and the dictionary tries to match the alphabet sequence in a ‘prefix’ form.  Learners can also study Tamil Idioms & Phrases through this app. It also helps the users with favourite word backup and restores.

You don’t need any active internet connection to view and access the app. The most useful aspect of the app, however, is the detailed description for every single search term.

Tamil, in several ways, is a tough language to learn, but this app is perfect for everyday use at home or office. Studies, now and then, prove that the mantra to learning any language faster is expanding one’s range of vocabulary. The app works appreciably fast on all mobile devices. The free app is now available on PlayStore and Applestore.

Website: Wordsmith