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Not all marriages are about love and family. Some are for business also. Prachi Garg in her second book, SuperCouples, shows how life partners can be successful business partners, too.

frontcover  “The new “startup” trend also brought out the challenge to partner up with the right person to initiate a       successful venture. And real life couples, instead of looking out for reliable and trustworthy partners elsewhere, started exploring the idea of partnering up in business, too,” says Prachi.

The author has put together life-stories of 19 SuperCouples who kick-started their start-ups and carved a niche in the mainstream industry. These dynamic startups break stereotypes and cover a varied range of services like ecommerce, innovative gifts, eco-friendly products, health care solutions, social responsibility ventures, event management, digital solutions and many more.

Published by Srishti Publishers, the book is quite inspirational as it encourages entrepreneurial thinking, and also motivates innovators totake the plunge. “The couples have narrated their ups-and downs candidly during interactions, which may inspire many couples as well,” says Prachi.

By tracing the successful life stories of these couple-preneurs the book actually breaks the myth that personal and professional cannot go hand in hand.“Speaking to various couple-preneurs, one realizes that the myth about mixing work and home is just as misty as the one about needing a stable and conventional job for an ambitious career,” says the author. “I loved this new attitude of breaking boundaries and conventions of a career,” she adds.

The book describes how these hardworking and  innovative couples have a tremendous capacity to take risks in every thing in their life and convert every small opportunity and hurdle into success.

SuperCouples narrates the lovely stories of enterprising couples. It shows that when great minds come together to produce something built on conjoined dreams, the result is eminently successful.

About Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg is an author, traveller, and entrepreneur.A computer science graduate from Miranda House,Prachi is also an alumnusof Great LakesSuperCouples-Prachi GargBack Cover Institute of Management, Chennai. She has delivered workshops on entrepreneurship at major B-schools. Her first book, Superwomen: Inspiring Stories of 20 Women Entrepreneurs, has been a hot-seller. She is also the co-founder of This book was earlier titled – ‘Better Halves of Startups’.

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