Uniza Tasneem, Daria System – Making Koramangala a Healthcare Hub

In the year 2012, when the company she was working with was closed due to internal conflicts, Uniza Tasneem had to make a choice – join another company or start her own. Her decision paved way to her entrepreneurial journey and led to the birth of Daria System.

Beginning of a journey

Uniza Tasneem was born and brought up in Chikmagalur. After completing her management studies from Acharya Institute of Management Sciences in Bangalore, she was absorbed by an U.S based e-learning company, Kesdee Inc as a marketing executive. Working with e-learning company, she was introduced the world of software and applications. This fascinated Tasneem and later when she joined as sales executive for a company who developed software for healthcare sectors, she knew that was her calling. Four years later, with an investment of five lakhs, her entrepreneurial dreams became a reality in the form of Daria System.

Daria System

Daria system is a Bangalore based enterprise that focuses on managing the financial domain of healthcare sectors – multispeciality, super speciality hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, diagnostic centers, multispeciality clinics as well as pharmacies. They provide customised software solutions for hospitals that will assist their clients in financial management. Tasneem is the founder and director of Daria System that has its headquarters in Koramangala.

Koramangala – A healthcare hub

Having lived in Koramangala, Bangalore for over a decade, Tasneem had been witness to the growth of healthcare sector here. With the growth of Bangalore as a IT hub, manufacturing companies, fitness centers and education institutes sprung up in every corner of the city. In the midst of this growth spurt, Koramangala established itself as a major commercial hub. From speciality surgery centers to laboratories and pharmacies and diagnostic centers to big and medium sized hospitals and clinics, Koramangala became home to new healthcare speciality centers.

So, for Tasneem, Koramangala was the obvious viable option to start her company. She has a good percentage of her clients from Koramangala. Today, the solutions provided by Daria system are recognized as a steadfast solution for the healthcare realm.

For Daria Systems and Tasneem, it has not been a smooth journey. Competing and establishing in an environment that has been ruled by big players like Wipro and IBM has been taxing. But Tasneem, with her passion and vision to make Koramangala a healthcare hub, is up for a challenge and rewards that will greet her along the way. She, indeed is a major inspiration for entrepreneurs.