One of the most common reasons why even some of the most promising startups fail is due to the lack of funding especially in the growth stages. That is why 80 percent of the total startups in India fail within five years.  Another study points out that 38 percent of startups fail because they run out of cash. All startups must raise money called ‘capital’ to fund their operations. BTS Community forum and organization is now ready to reach out and fund startups (especially those in the early and late growth stages) through a corpus generated through an active community forum of startup Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Incubators, and Government funding sources. Our mentors ensure you are first investment-ready before taking the plunge to fund your startup. Great care will be taken to perform the matchmaking and strike deal between the startup and investors through multiple channels and touchpoints.

Preparing Investor & Funding Pitch-deck and Elevator Pitch for Startups

We go the extra mile in helping startups prepare the right pitch deck and develop elevator pitch to make a strong, compelling reason for investors to invest in their business operations. Before startups decide their ask, we ensure they complete their business model design canvas, and stay confident of their investment/funding prospects.  It is important to provide startups a high level of investment readiness and guide them toward getting there without much hassle

Invite Angel Investors/VCs to join our community form for startup investment

We invite Angel Investors/VCs to join our community forum and organization for startup investment/funding to promote entrepreneurship in the region. We are confident in scouting for only the best and brightest startups and businesses from the region for investment through our networking community forum of Angel Investors/VCs and private financiers. Kindly get in touch with us if you are an angel investor or VC looking to invest in startups on an equity basis.

Inviting Startup Incubators to join our community forum & organization of investors

BTS Community forum organization invites startup incubators and accelerators to join our community of investors, either as investees, advisors, or beneficiaries. We allow you to select your roles and responsibilities, take advantage of the potential of our community, and contribute towards the growth of the startup ecosystem through regular investments.