BTS Networking Chapters for Businesses, Startups & SMEs

By The Startups (BTS) has grown as a community of businesses, for businesses, and by businesses. We’ve been serving startups, SMEs, and businesses first by helping them create a digital profile on our website, followed by online search rankings for profiles, physical networking, generating referral leads and brand visibility, mentoring, connects, and investment opportunities. The benefits have been manifold.

We have also established ourselves as an organization continuously serving institutions, across the state with on-campus startup and entrepreneurship mentoring, training, and organizing founder and technical talks sessions and many more.

We’re delighted to announce that BTS is creating chapters in different regions–both national and global to advance the community’s objectives and values further.  We welcome participants (startup, SME, and business owners; aspiring entrepreneurs and studentpreneurs) to actively join our regional networking meets and enjoy the benefits. 

We also invite chapter heads from different regions of India and the world. We are ready to start local, regional, and global chapters through the effective support of chapter heads. BTS, by installing networking chapters all over, will amplify its presence to provide improved benefits throughout, as mentioned in its membership plan and benefits.

BTS Networking Chapter Session

Do you want to participate in our local networking meets?

As you may know, we’re passionate about serving the business community in every way possible and enabling the growth of entrepreneurs and business owners cost-effectively. We want members (both basic and profile) to enjoy the benefits offered at the respective levels in different regions.  Here’s how you can become a profile member.  Please contact us for profile membership.

Do you want to lead a BTS networking chapter locally?

We’re also looking for exciting and active chapter heads to lead our chapters and help expand the community and further reach. The many advantages of becoming a BTS Chapter head or coordinator include enhanced brand visibility, leadership, direct connect with business owners, lead generation, and much more.

Know the rules & regulations of becoming a BTS Chapter head or coordinator.

Do you want to lead a BTS networking chapter locally? Simply fill up the form with your details and express your interest. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss with you and arrange a meeting. Thanks in advance for your interest and support.

Rules & Regulations for participating in BTS Chapter Meets

  1. All networking meets and training sessions handled by different mentors will be paid (only).
  2.  Charges for networking meets will vary based on the chapter and venue. The decision of the chapter head will be deemed final in this case.
  3. Charges for training sessions will vary based on the venue, resource person, and duration.
  4. BTS does not solicit the authenticity of any promotional messages posted by any individual and it’s purely the member’s opinion. We hold no responsibility for payment or delivery failures or delays. Please ensure all documents are genuine and properly verified before making any transaction.
  5.  Both profile, as well as basic members, along with new participants, can register for the networking/training meets.
  6.  All participants need to register before the start of the event for confirmation.
  7. No form of guarantee concerning referral leads will be provided to profile members under any circumstance.
  8. No form of guarantee will provided to profile members concerning Google search engine rankings as they are governed by algorithms set by third-party agents.
  9. BTS platform only facilitates networking and brand visibility opportunities for its members and participants.
  10. Any business referral lead will be passed on to profile members first, and then to the basic members of the community. No referral should be made to individuals who are not even a basic member of the BTS community community. Please don’t violate this point.
  11. BTS does not sell, rent, or lease its customer lists or your unique personally identifiable information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number) to third parties. Check the guidelines for joining as a Profile (member)

Code of Conduct for participants

  1. Discipline has to be maintained throughout any networking or training session, except when interaction is required.
  2. Profanity, loss of temper, disruptive behavior, or lack of discipline will not be tolerated.
  3.  Participants will abide by the rules and regulations framed by the BTS Community. The decision of the founder, mentor team, and chapter head will be deemed final in all cases.
  4. Members should not involve themselves in discussions that disrespect any religion, community, caste, profession & gender.
  5. No name-calling or shaming of any community member in public is allowed. Personal disputes should be dealt with in private.

Visit BTS Networking Local Chapters

Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) Chapter