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Coimbatore in the southern state of Tamilnadu is fondly nicknamed the ‘Manchester of South India’, as the city is known all over for its several textile manufacturing companies. The British established the nation’s first textile factory in this city. Since then it has become a rapidly expanding hub of economic development and stands at the forefront of textile manufacturing, textile machinery production, wet grinders, castings, pump sets, and poultry products in the country.

Additionally, it boasts a significant presence in industries such as paper, jewelry,  auto components, and more recently IT & Software exports. Coimbatore region contributes over Rs 3,500 crore annually in taxes to the State and Central governments, earning more than Rs 25,000 crore in foreign exchange. Coimbatore and its surrounding regions have become significant manufacturing centers, producing a wide range of products from pins to aircraft components for Boeing, and automotive parts, and serving as India’s largest hub for agricultural pump sets manufacturing.

The development of facilities like TIDEL Park and improved transportation systems have enticed a wide range of local and foreign investors, propelling the city’s rise in business competitiveness rankings to the top 10 cities in India. This rapid stride is driven by a vibrant startup environment, supported by leading incubators, accelerators, and an active network of educational institutions and industry leaders, cultivating an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in diverse sectors.

Coimbatore’s vibrant corporate ecosystem is fueled by major tech companies and emerging startups specializing in AI/ML, robotics, Deep Tech, and sustainable technologies. The city’s educational institutions help prepare students for the modern workforce, ensuring a steady stream of skilled talent vital for driving innovation and economic development. The urban area accommodates numerous SEZs and private tech parks supported by the government, promoting the growth of innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

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