BTS Startups & Business Mentors in Social Areas

By The Startups Community is not just a business referral lead and networking community forum for startups, SMEs, and businesses, but it has always been ‘socially responsive, responsible and inclusive’ in different ways, at all times.  BTS Social aims to introduce industry-proven mentors and trainers in the areas of career,  job guidance, health, wellness,  psychology, self-help, and motivation, just to name a few.  We help startups and businesses with mentoring in major social areas, while also helping our BTS Social Mentors with passive income through mentoring and tutoring for startups, SMEs, businesses, and institutions (on-site & online).  The benefits of BTS Social are in no way different from BTS Accelerator. Simply get in touch with us to book our mentors in a myriad of social areas at different levels.


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