BTS Startup Business Mentor & Investor Panel

By The Startups’ Business Mentor Panel comprises business owners from different sectors with rich experience in scaling their businesses from the ground up,  with a few mentors having a long history of corporate activity entering the consulting industry to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dream of building a startup. We envision building the widest and the most robust business mentor network in the world, not necessarily using the biggest names in the industry, but with individuals who want to support each other to make a huge difference, and spend quality time with their startup mentees.  Here are some of the benefits that startups can avail of by choosing our mentors:

  • Mentors who are authentic, empathetic, creative, and honest, with a growth and an outcome-based working mindset.
  • Flexible mentoring hours and payment only on an hourly basis.
  • Payment arrangements can be made on an escrow basis with team BTS.
  • Rich and diverse industry and corporate experience.
  • Non-judgmental, active listening skills, and an ability to give constructive feedback.
  • Connect with investors and funding sources.
  • Both offline/online mode,  with an on-site visit, if required.


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BTS Tech Mentor Panel

Joel Prince BTS Tech Mentor







         Joel Prince

   Berachah Academy

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