BTS Content Submission Process & Profile (Membership) Guidelines

We have detailed the content submission process & Profile Membership guidelines to be followed for every service. This also serves as a framework to avoid ambiguity and offers a proper workflow for completion. We believe in a win-win situation, and framing process guidelines is a concrete step toward achieving it.


What can be submitted on BTS Community Network Websites?


DetailsDescription (What does BTS cover?)
Stories/Profile/NewsStories/Profile/News of Businesses & Startups
Institute-Industry ConnectProfiles of Incubator, Accelerator, Innovation Centre/Hub, EDC, Placement Cell, Alumni/Institute Industry Association Cell, Startup Co-working space/Business Shared office space/Plug-and-play office, Edu-and-training based company, Mentoring & Corporate companies (with links to institutions), and related News on a subscription basis
MarketplaceStories/Profiles of all shops, stores, supermarkets, retailers, e-commerce websites, Product/Service Launch–from anywhere
Local/Native ProductsStories/Profiles of all native or local product companies from anywhere
School-Industry ConnectStories/Profiles of all edu-based companies (primarily tech-focussed) that serve schools & profiles/stories/news of Innovative/Tech labs or cells or centres
Business Founders & C-Level ExecutivesStories of Business Founders & C-level Executives. Stories/Profiles of Investment, Training, Mentoring & Coaching companies


Story/Profile for Businesses (Annual)

Note: Profile/Story for Startups or Businesses will be submitted here

Step 1 Gain a clear understanding of the member’s business; discuss the objectives of the service opted.
2 Discuss the questionnaire with the member.
3 Member approves the process and shares contact details with us. Submission commences from the first month until a year (Refer to renewal details below).
4 Questionarrie link will be shared with the business owner via WA. Profile Interview through Google Meet/Video Call in the scheduled time to avoid submission queue. Profile images should be mailed to our team for submission promptly.
5 Members should clear the payment without fail, as a level of commitment.
6 Draft link of content (as per our content submission guidelines) submitted on the BTS website within 5 working days. Draft link shared with the member for review & final approval. Changes made, if any.
7 Live link status will not be shared with the member if payment is pending. Completion of submission.
8 Promotion on all BTS community forum social media account handles/networking platforms.  
9 No lifetime validity. Renewal charges will apply from the second year onward.
10 Members can effectuate minor content changes within the renewal period only 3 times a year. Changing the entire content incurs extra charges that will be updated before the start of work and submission.
BTS Profile Submission English

Guidelines – General Submission (for all services except event design)

– Members are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below for all services without fail.

Note: Members are requested not to share any of our questionnaires with others, as they are confidential, and shared between only the member and team BTS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All questionnaire answers must be made using a Word document and mailed to with the required images (2-4), and YouTube links (1-2, if available) only. Please check the questionnaire here without fail

– Submission timeframe will be based on the service required and frequency of inputs received by the member. Any delay from the member’s end will affect the process flow.

– Members are advised to thoroughly go through the final submission status to avoid changes later, though minor changes can be accommodated later.

– Members should inform our team in advance if they decide to remove their business profile from any of our websites (see also Payment/Renewal terms).

– No content duplication/plagiarism will be entertained under any circumstances.

-We recommend engaging, direct, relevant, and pertinent information or messages to capture the increasingly short attention span of individuals.

– Answers to the questionnaires need to be sincere, accurate, neutral, unbiased, informative, relevant, and intriguing to our audience – without sounding promotional with a high sales pitch.

– The member will be offered time to review the submission.

Submission Terms

– Submission will be live once we receive the payment after review of the content. Thereafter, a notification mail will be sent by our team with the submission link.

Payment Terms

– Fees (Submission/Renewal) are non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances once submission/renewal is approved by the member.

– Fees cover only Content (Profile/Story/Article) submission and don’t networking meetups or any other activities.

– Fees need to be paid before the start of content copy development & submission every month. 

– Payment should be transferred directly to the account via a bank or UPI transfer.

– Payment has to be remitted before the final submission status (for any service) is shared with the member. 

Renewal Terms

Validity of services is not lifetime. Annual renewal charges need to be paid on time.

– Renewal charges will commence from the second year onwards.

– Members can opt out of renewal anytime by updating the same to team BTS. 

– During renewal members will be allowed to effectuate minor changes.

–  No significant additions/major changes will be entertained post-submission. However, we allow only minor changes 4 times a year to be made to the content based solely on the discretion of our editorial team. 

– Members failing to remit renewal charges (even after continuous reminders) will be allowed to remain as BASIC members, however, their profile/story will be removed from the website. 


  • Search engine results are controlled solely by each search engine and complicated algorithm. These algorithms evaluate pages on the web against keyword searches performed by users. We can’t/won’t guarantee high rankings for any business profile on Search engines under any circumstances.

  • We can legally and ethically make no guarantee or promise, other than our work, process, experience, and proven system to give your website the best chance of ranking high on major Search Engine Results pages (SERP) for targeted keyword phrases.

  • No form of sales, lead, or business guarantee will be provided to profiles on our platform under any condition. We don’t sell any tall or false hopes under the pretext of membership
  • We will be highly ethical in sharing leads amongst our profile members. No favoritism will be extended to any profile. Each lead will be placed based on quality, price, and delivery commitments.


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