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✓ Are you associated with any co-working space/shared workspaces? If so, mention, with the location.

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✓Are you associated with any investment firms (if so, mention 1-5 with locations) in 50 words?

✓Are you associated with any business communities, associations & organizations (if so, 1-5 with locations) in 50 words?

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  • Mention briefly the education qualifications (Degree, College, University) &  previous work experience (2-3 major companies and areas of industry) of founders (alone).*

  • What problem does your company solve (in 100 words)?*

  • Who are the key team members (in 50 words)?*

  • What risks are you facing (in 50 words)?*

  • What outsiders have been most important to your business, e.g. Mentors, bankers, etc. (in 50 words)?*

  • If you’re a product-based company, then mention the e-commerce platform links alone (e.g., Amazon) that you’re associated with.*

  • Notable achievements of your company so far. Mention awards/accolades/certifications, if any (in 100 words).*

  • Primary source(s) of funding for the business costs (in 50 words).*

  • Where do you see your company 5 years from now (in 50 words)?*

  • Other significant miscellaneous details (that deserve a mention) related to your company, if any, e.g. News coverage (in 50 words).*

  • Describe your company in a single line (without sounding promotional).*

Questionnaire links – Category-wise


Details DescriptionQuestionnaire
Stories/Profile/News of BusinessesStories/Profile/News of Businesses & StartupsVisit
Institute-Industry Connect– Profile submission of Institutional Entrepreneur Development (EDC)/Placement/Industry Association & Alumni Cells/Incubators/Accelerators/Workspaces; Business Communities/organizations/associations & bodies

– News related to Industry/Institution-Industry connects

– Profile submission of Edu Products/Solutions

– Profile submission of Training & Edu Services
Marketplace– Profile submission of physical stores/shops/e-commerce/industries/organizations (only)

– Profile submission of new product/service launch

Local/Native ProductsProfile submission of only native or locally manufactured products Visit
School-Industry Connect– Profile submission of Edu Products/Solutions

– Profile submission of Training & Edu Services

– News related to school-based events, particularly industry-driven
Profiles of Business Founders & C-Level Executives– Insights related to business/tech/digital marketing/entrepreneurship/leadership/community/networking

– Interview stories of business founders/owners

– Interview stories of C-level executives

Multimedia Types for submission

S.No.Multimedia TypeProduct-based BusinessesService-based
1.Image: Products (for tech-based products, screenshots to be shared)* ✓ (nos:2)
2.Image: Founder(s)/Business owner(s)✓ (1) ✓ (1)
3.Image: Office space/infrastructure/facility/events* ✓ (1) ✓ (2)
4.YouTube links

Office space/infrastructure/facility

✓ (1)

✓ (1)

✓ (1)
5.Image: Company logo✓ (1) ✓ (1)