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By The Startups (BTS) Community has outgrown itself from a startup community to a business networking and referral leads community, besides imparting the required knowledge and skill sets for starting or scaling up a business. We felt it is natural to do so. From this year onwards, BTS takes immense pleasure in calling itself a ‘Business Visibility Platform’ through the introduction of planned activities leading to the visibility and success of any business. And here’s what we’ve come up with:

1. MEMBERSHIP FEE for joining By The Startups Community is ZERO.

2. Businesses need more VISIBILITY & REPUTATION than PROMOTION & MARKETING. Therefore, we are essentially putting the horse before the cart.

3. The POWER OF THE WEB & VIDEO is massive and infinite. The impact of networking events is a multiplier effect.

4. Businesses require a MIX OF ONLINE & OFFLINE VISIBILITY STRATEGIES through the right promotion channels (we are continuously improving on that aspect).

5. Every business requires a different form of content and approach for visibility.

Yes, BTS has a lot of Bills & Expenses to Cover!

And, We Need & Appreciate Your Kind Support Every Time

Keep in mind that the BTS Community can only survive and continue to serve businesses better using the payment remitted by our member clients, either online or offline. Also, a major part of it goes toward web maintenance, content development, and event management. Therefore, it is our humble request that payments are made regularly and on time, as, unlike a few desperate business communities that charge exorbitantly for membership, we have been certainly fair and reasonable, staying true to our value proposition.

Please support our community as we’ll definitely give you back in terms of Value. The more you Share, the more you Get!

BTS Network Submission Websites

DetailsDescription (What does BTS cover?)
Stories/Profile/NewsStories/Profile/News of Businesses & Startups
Institute-Industry ConnectProfiles of Incubator, Accelerator program, Innovation Centre/Hub, EDC, Placement Cell, Alumni/Institute Industry Association Cell, Startup Co-working space/Business Shared office space/Plug-and-play office, Edu-and-training based company, Mentoring & Corporate companies (with links to institutions), and related News on a subscription basis
MarketplaceStories/Profiles of all shops, stores, supermarkets, retailers, e-commerce websites, Product/Service Launch–from anywhere
Local/Native ProductsStories/Profiles of all native or local product companies from anywhere
School-Industry ConnectStories/Profiles of all edu-based companies (primarily tech-focussed)
Profiles of Business Founders & C-Level ExecutivesStories of Business Founders & C-level Executives. Stories/Profiles of Investment, Training, Mentoring & Coaching companies.

BTS Services

(All below charges are for one year only )

Category Services Pay Renewal
Story/Profile SubmissionBusiness Story/Profile Submission
Video ProductionShop/Store Video + submission
Video ProductionShop/Store Video + Submission
Video ProductionOffice/Factory/Facility Video + Submission
Video ProductionOffice/Factory/Facility Video + Founder Interview + Submission
Video ProductionFounder Interview + Submission
Video ProductionC-level Executive Interview + Submission
Video ProductionC-level Executive Interview + Office/Facility Video + Submission
Content Development Business Content Design & Development for visibility (both Online/Offline)
Event News1-12 events per year

Event DesignProduct/Brand/Service Launch/Intro Meets
Event DesignInvestor/Channel Partner/Franchise/Dealer/Customer Relationship Meets  
Event DesignIndividual B2B Networking Meets
Event DesignPress Meet for Business Launch/Product or Service Release
Online PR & Media ServicesBusiness Story Release in 60+ Local/National/Global Online News Websites
Ad Placement  Targeted, in-contextual ads 

Avail of our Services


1.Visibility of business through profile submission online
2.Tried & tested SEO process to rank business profile/story/listing pages on the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages*)
3.Clean content with attention to detail, grammar, structure & tone. No Plagiarism will be entertained.
4.Cross-linking & upselling of profiles/stories within the BTS website (refer to above)
5Business networking meets–both physical & online
6.Business training sessions that help scale up business, and push growth
7.Generate referral sales leads by sharing the business profile links with a potential buyer–both physical & online**.
8.Promote BTS events & business profiles on all our social media handles & networking platforms (Branding)
9.Active part of a close-knit networking community & wider business ecosystem including StartupTN
10.Support early-stage startups in the areas of validation, traction, access to markets, networking, etc.
11.Access to investors & funding resources through tailored networking opportunities & connects***
12.Inclusion as a sponsor for any of our business networking & community meets
13.Sharing business contacts & One-on-One Networking

Proof of Concept

– Community Networking Meets

Check the Business & Community Networking Meets section on our Home page

Screenshots: Search Rankings*
BTS SERP Screenshot -1
BTS SERP Screenshot -2
BTS SERP Screenshot -3
– Clean Content

BTS Founder (Shameer. S) is a proud recipient of two national awards from the Election Commission of India for Video Content Scriptwriting (in English) at the national level in 2014. Therefore, we believe in the submission of clean content, from structure to syntax. No Plagiarism will be entertained under any circumstances.

National Award Winner Content Script writing ECI

*Being ethical, TEAM BTS NEVER GUARANTEE ORGANIC SEARCH RANKINGS ON GOOGLE or any other search engine.
** We give priority to businesses/startups that avail of any of BTS services when it comes to sharing business leads with potential buyers, or in the case of any enquiries.
***We do not invest in startups or GUARANTEE INVESTMENT PROSPECTS under any circumstances.

BTS Advocate – Event Sponsorship

We invite you to contribute as sponsors for BTS business meets including training sessions, and avail of the benefits mentioned below for mutual success. Our objective is just not to treat businesses as only event sponsors, but also to offer them real value through visibility. Therefore, we help our sponsors gain awareness, generate referral leads, demonstrate their expertise to the audience, and maintain ongoing relationships.

Topic Presentation + 5-min Business Presentation
Event Recognition Award
Promote event & business profiles on all our social media handles & networking platforms
One-on-One Networking
Display products/standees at events
Exclusive event sponsor brochure for distribution–both Print & PDF (Tentative)
Sharing business contacts

Become an Event Sponsor

Note: All the details above are applicable only for a single event. Businesses can sponsor multiple events (as we provide value every time), or even without preferring to tick any of our services.

We ensure delivering the utmost value to all our clients and sponsors for the investment made, and trust imposed on us through meticulous planning of activities, proper communication, and execution. For all enquiries, kindly Whatsapp, or send us a mail at today. Thanks and looking forward to working with you anytime!

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