Irukkaa is a platform to connect recruiters and job seekers. The mobile app is specifically built with features that help users avail of blue-collar job opportunities, especially in the unorganized sectors. Check the profile and story of Irukkaa Mobile App.

Business Profile – Irukkaa Mobile App


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இருக்கா ஆப் ப்ளூ காலர் வேலை தேடுபவர்களுக்கு பிசினஸ் உரிமையாளர்களுடன் எளிதாக இணைய உதவுகிறது, எளிய சுயவிவரங்களை அமைக்கிறது

நீங்கள் நீல காலர் வேலை தேடுகிறீர்களா? கவலை வேண்டாம். Irukkaa (இருக்கா) மொபைல் ஆப் (செயலி) வேலை கிடைப்பது குறித்த தினசரி அறிவிப்புகளை வழங்குகிறது. இது நீல காலர் தொழிலாளர்களுக்கு வேலை தெரிவுநிலையை அதிகரிக்கிறது. இது பயனர்கள் தங்கள் வீட்டிலிருந்தே வேலை அளிப்பவருடன் வசதியாக இணைந்திருக்க உதவுகிறது.பயனர்கள் இந்த செயலியை கூகுள் ப்ளே ஸ்டோரில் இருந்து எளிதாக பதிவிறக்கம் செய்து கொண்டு இலவசமாக பதிவு செய்து கொள்ளலாம்.

Irukkaa Mobile App – Offer

Searching & Applying for Jobs on Irukkaa is FREE for all Job Seekers


✓ Name of the Company: OODATEK Pvt. Ltd

✓ Name of the App: Irukkaa

✓ Product-based/Service-based company: Service

✓ Industry/Specific area of business: IT Software

✓ Location: Bengaluru, India

✓ Year of Start: 2022

✓ Name of the business founders: Anita Velumani, Lingeshwaran & Prabhakaran

✓ Business Mobile/WhatsApp No: +91-9663659955/9843341992

✓ Email:

✓ Website: 

 Mobile App Link

 Company Registration Number (CRN)/GST Registration number: CRN: U72900KA2022PTC162198/GST: 29AADCO8026E1ZF

Goodyask– Immediate Support Required

Startup Investment & Funding
Franchisees across Tamilnadu

✓ Service Description: Irukkaa is a mobile app that links hiring companies and candidates. It is developed with features to assist users in pursuing blue-collar employment prospects, especially in the unorganized sectors. 

# Benefits:
 Employment opportunities for the blue-collar workers

# Market Size: 500 million

# Target audience:10 million

# Market segmentation: Blue-collar workers

# Competition: Apna, Nithra, Callkissan, Indeed, Gainr, OLX, Lokal

✓ No. of full-time employees: 3 (full-time)

✓ Working Days/Hours:9AM-6 PM, 5 days/week

✓ Address: Site No. 1& 54, Roshni Manner, 2nd Floor, 11th Cross, Block-2, Akshaya Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru-560016  

Irukkaa App is looking for the following support: # Customers (B2C/D2C) # Funding/Investment (for scaling up)

Irukkaa App is looking for support in the following areas on a continuous basis:

# IT/Media/ Digital Tech/Marketing

#Investment and Funding

Irukkaa App is associated with the following business communities/forums: By The Startups community,  Coimbatore

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Business Story – Irukkaa Mobile App

In a Nutshell
Irukkaa Mobile App is built for blue-collar job workers and guarantees an effective increase in job visibility and employment involving unorganized sectors. Blue-collar workers looking for job opportunities can easily download the app from the Play Store (Android) and register with it for free of cost.

About Irukkaa Mobile App
In India, blue-collar jobs have traditionally been an integral part of the economy. Rest assured, it accounts for a substantial part of the economic system, with most people relying on them for their livelihood. India’s blue-collar sector constitutes roughly 450 million workers, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic made a huge impact on this sector more than any other.  The reason why techies Anita Velumani, Lingeshwaran, and Prabhakaran Mahalingam built the app Irukkaa, (literally meaning ‘Is there?’ in Tamil), who are also the founders and key team members of the app.

The inspiration behind starting the business
“The lack of job visibility in the post-COVID period, particularly in the unorganized sector involving blue-collar jobs, left many unemployed without any financial security to rely on. This highlighted the importance of establishing a platform where recruiters can find job seekers who fit their needs. We believed this in turn will increase employment and job visibility”, says Prabhakaran. “To bridge the gap between recruiters and recruitees, Irukkaa was created. Posting vacancies or searching for jobs in the blue-collar sector locally through our app is a breeze,” Anita adds.

Challenges are aplenty
There are hardly any means for day workers and contract workers to apply for jobs except through acquaintances and agencies. This invariably reduces the chances of their being hired frequently. On the other hand, recruiters are left with limited sources to issue a need for workers online. Irukkaa introduces a platform where these two parties can easily connect and network together.

“Irukkaa aims to bridge the gap between recruiters and recruitees in the blue-collar sector locally such as posting vacancies or searching for jobs.” – Anita, Co-Founder of Irukkaa

Business Risks faced by the startup
“Because we’re a startup, we lack adequate funds to invest in marketing & branding, considering that the app has to be promoted effectively in an increasing market size. Investment therefore can be a risky endeavor, though we have an advisory board,” says co-founder of the App, Lingeshwaran. Currently, promoters are the primary source of funding for the company which was started in 2022.

Future of Irukkaa 
Irukkaa aims to serve its target audience of 10 million users and also secure its position as a market leader in connecting blue-collar workers and recruiters locally.

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Irukkaa App helps blue-collar job seekers easily connect with employers, setting up simple profiles