• What is a coworking space and when was Discover coworking space started?
    Coworking spaces are community centers, collaboration hubs, and social spaces where workers from different backgrounds can come together to share expertise and explore new ideas. Discover Coworking space/shared workspace/plug-and-play office space was started in September 2022.

  • Tell us a bit about what is special at Discover coworking space and what facilities people can enjoy.
    • Unlike other co-working spaces, Discover, also a Plug-and-Play office space, provides private offices, private internet connection, and separate parking facilities for small firms.
    • It does not have any fixed-term agreements, bonds, contracts, or notice periods.

  • Who are the founding members and team of Discover coworking space?
    • Anitha Aravind – Managing Partner
    • Kalish Aravind Kumar – Partner

  • Who can use and benefit from Discover coworking space? Mention its location.
    • Individuals, professionals, start-ups, small firms, and small teams who require a hassle-free work environment.

  • Locations
    Discover coworking space, 42- D, (First Floor) COSMAFAN Building, S.N.R. College Road, Peelamedu, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.
    Discover Work Space – Professional Spaces, 115/1, Kalidas Road, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore.
Discover Workspace Startup Ramnagar Coimbatore


  • What are the most important features of Discover coworking space?
    • Noise-free work environment.
    • Privacy & less populated space.

  • How does Discover coworking space help with breaking up the routine of work-from-home life?
    • Flexible & work-friendly environment.
    • Hassle-free & private workspaces

Business Enquiry

  • How can a startup or any business make the most of using your coworking space?
    Unlike other co-working spaces, Discover does not have any fixed-term agreements, bonds, contracts, or notice periods. Hence it acts as a perfect launch pad for small businesses (SMBs/MSMEs)/startups.

  • How is your coworking space different from others in the ecosystem?
    Discover provides a special financial package for women entrepreneurs, highlighting its motto of “women empowerment”.

  • What are the differences between your coworking space and a traditional office?
    Hassle-free work environment without worrying about electricity and other bills, complex tenant agreement, and other commercial issues.

  • How much does your co-working space cost?
    Discover’s monthly coworking space is charged at Rs.6000 per seat (Ram Nagar) inclusive of AC, Wi-Fi, parking facility, and beverages.

  • What are the options for seating? Do you provide a test period?
    Discover has private offices with 8-10 seats. No, it doesn’t provide a test period.

  • If we have a question about the space where can we get information/who do we contact?
    Proprietor: Anitha Aravind

    E-mail: discoverworkspace@gmail.com

    WhatsApp & Mobile: +91-99447 65746

    Website: www.discoverworkspace.in

    Social Media Links
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